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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-zeilenga-email-seclabel-08

  "This document describes a header field, SIO-Label, for use in
   Internet Mail to convey the sensitivity of the message.  This header
   field which may carry a textual representation (a display marking)
   and/or a structural representation (a security label) of the
   sensitivity of the message.  This document also describes a header
   field, SIO-Label-History, for recording changes in the message's

This document has not been considered in any WG; the document editors
solicited reviews from Russ Housley and Jim Schaad.

It was reviewed for me by Diego Lopez and David Allen, the authors
have worked with he reviewers to improve the document.

The document requests registration of the the SIO-Label and 
SIO-Label-History header fields in the "Provisional Message Header 
Field Registry", in accordance with [RFC3864].
I asked IANA for an early review; the designated expert (Graham Klyne)
recommended that such a "registration should be provisional but not
permanent."  The authors made that change in version -08.

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