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Requesting Attributes by Object Class in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol


(Ted Hardie)

No Objection

(Margaret Cullen)

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 11 and is now closed.

Ted Hardie Former IESG member
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Brian Carpenter Former IESG member
(was Discuss) No Objection
No Objection (2005-07-07) Unknown
The Gen-ART review by David Black queried whether use of @ would cause confusion.
Author's reply:
> ...this document is specifying
> the protocol extension as currently implemented and, hence,
> such a change would cause this document to fail the authors
> goal to faithful detailing current practice.

and requested some full-query examples (that include elements to
the left of the '@')
Margaret Cullen Former IESG member
No Objection
No Objection () Unknown