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Shepherd writeup

draft-zia-route has been presented to the ISE for publication as an
Informational RFC on the Independent Stream.


This document specifies the Real-time Transport Object delivery over
Unidirectional Transport protocol (ROUTE). It is intended to provide
robust delivery of Application Objects (including with real-time
constraints) to receivers over a unidirectional transport.

ROUTE is a protocol built on the work done in FLUTE. It is suitable for
unicast, broadcast, and multicast transport, and can be run over IP/UDP
including multicast IP. 

== History==

The document was first brought to the ISE in June 2020 at version -00.
It had not, at that time, been discussed in the IETF.

Since then, the ISE discussed the work with Gorry Fairhurst as TSVWG 
chair, and  the document has benefited from being presented at the 
TSVArea meeting at IETF-111 where it received comments, and from a
number of reviews.

Publication in the Independent Stream is appropriate because this
document describes an existing implementation (from QualComm with
claims of other interoperating implementations), does not have a
venue for publication in the IETF, and would not be open for change
(except editorial) within the IETF.

==Non-IETF Work==

The Abstract and Introduction contain a brief statement that this is
not an IETF consensus document.

==Security Considerations==

The Security Considerations section was initially very light and 
attracted harsh reviews. It is now substantial and also discusses


The document makes no request for IANA action.

==IPR and Copyright==

Note well: IPR has been disclosed against this document with RAND

The authors have included Section 1.5 in this document to draw the
reader's attention to this.


During the process of working on this document, the authors discovered
a significant "issue" with the running code. They suspended the document
while they fixed the problem, and then we resumed work.

No other points of contention remain except to note that "ROUTE" is
sadly nothing to do with routing!


As well as reviewing the document himself, the ISE commissioned reviews
from Jake Holland and Joerg Ott (via TSV-ART). Gorry Fairhurst also
volunteered a review.

Ali Bergen and Spencer Dawkins also provided high-level reviews.

Additionally, the discussions at IETF-111 led to reviews and comments.

The reviews led to a number of updates to fully address the issues

Details of the reviews can be retrieved on request.