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Versions: 00                                                            
Internet Draft                                                   I. Chen
<draft-chen-rtg-key-table-yang-00.txt>                          Ericsson
Intended Status: Standards Track
Expires in 6 months                                        March 9, 2015

                 YANG Data Model for RFC 7210 Key Table

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Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 1]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015


   This document defines a YANG data model to describe the key table
   defined in RFC 7210.  The data model defined in this document
   augments the existing key-chain model with additional key attributes
   specified in RFC 7210.

Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 2]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015

Table of Contents

   1. Introduction ....................................................3
      1.1 Tree Diagram ................................................3
   2. Design of the Data Model ........................................3
   3. YANG Module .....................................................4
   4. Security Considerations .........................................8
   5. IANA Considerations .............................................8
   6. References ......................................................8

1.  Introduction

   This document defines a YANG data model that supports the key table
   described in [RFC7210].  It reuses the [key-chain] data model by
   augmenting [key-chain] data model and adding into the [key-chain]
   data model the attributes that are defined in [RFC7210] but not
   currently defined in the [key-chain] data model.

1.1.  Tree diagram

   A simplified graphical representation of the data model is presented
   in Section 2.

   The meaning of the symbols in these diagrams is as follows:

   o  Brackets "[" and "]" enclose list keys.

   o  Curly braces "{" and "}" contain names of optional features that
      make the corresponding node conditional.

   o  Abbreviations before data node names: "rw" means configuration
      (read-write), and "ro" state data (read-only).

   o  Symbols after data node names: "?" means an optional node and "*"
      denotes a "list" or "leaf-list".

   o  Parentheses enclose choice and case nodes, and case nodes are also
      marked with a colon (":").

   o  Ellipsis ("...") stands for contents of subtrees that are not

2.  Design of the Data Model

   This data model is based on the [key-chain] data model which intends
   to manage keys by grouping a set of keys into a key-chain.  A routing
   protocol that requires authentication keys for authentication
   purposes subsequently references a key-chain containing the keys that

Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 3]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015

   the routing protocol intends to used for authentication.

   To incorporate all the key attributes defined in [RFC7210] into the
   [key-chain] data model, this data model augments the [key-chain] data
   model by adding additional leafs into each key defined in [key-

   module: ietf-rfc7210

   augment /kc:key-chains/kc:key:
      +--rw admin-key-name?           string {rfc7210-admin-key-name}?
      +--rw local-key-name?           string {rfc7210-local-key-name}?
      +--rw peer-key-name?            string {rfc7210-peer-key-name}?
      +--rw peers*                    string {rfc-7210-peers}?
      +--rw interfaces*               string {rfc-7210-interfaces}?
      +--rw protocol?                 identityref {rfc-7210-protocol}?
      +--rw protocol-specific-info?   string {rfc-7210-protocol-
      +--rw (kdf)? {rfc-7210-KDF}?
      |  +--:(no-kdf)
      |  |  +--rw no-kdf?                   empty
      |  +--:(aes-128-cmac-kdf)
      |  |  +--rw aes-128-cmac-kdf?         empty
      |  +--:(hmac-sha-1-kdf)
      |     +--rw hmac-sha-1-kdf?           empty
      +--rw direction?                enumeration {rfc-7210-direction}?

3.  YANG Module

   <CODE BEGINS> file "ietf-rfc7210.yang"

   module ietf-rfc7210 {
     /* replace with IANA namespace when assigned */
     namespace "urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-rfc7210";
     prefix "ietf-rfc7210";

     import ietf-routing {
       prefix "rt";

     import ietf-key-chain {
       prefix "kc";


Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 4]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015

       "I. Chen - ing-wher.chen@ericsson.com";

       "This YANG module augments the ietf-key-chain module by " +
       "adding attributes defined in RFC 7210";
     revision 2015-03-09 {
         "Initial revision.";
         "RFC XXXX: A YANG Data Model to augment ietf-key-chain " +
         "to support RFC 7210";

     identity all-routing-protocols {
       base "rt:routing-protocol";
         "All routing protocols";

     feature rfc7210-admin-key-name {
         "Support for RFC 7210 AdminKeyName field";

     feature rfc7210-local-key-name {
         "Support for RFC 7210 LocalKeyName field";

     feature rfc7210-peer-key-name {
         "Support for RFC 7210 PeerKeyName field";

     feature rfc-7210-peers {
         "Support for RFC 7210 Peers field";

     feature rfc-7210-protocol-specific-info {
         "Support for RFC 7210 ProtocolSpecificInfo field";

     feature rfc-7210-interfaces {
         "Support for RFC 7210 Interfaces field";

Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 5]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015


     feature rfc-7210-protocol {
         "Support for RFC 7210 Protocol field";

     feature rfc-7210-KDF {
         "Support for RFC 7210 KDF field";

     feature rfc-7210-direction {
         "Support for RFC 7210 Direction field";

     augment "/kc:key-chains/kc:key" {
         "Additional attributes of a key required by RFC 7210";

       leaf admin-key-name {
         if-feature rfc7210-admin-key-name;
         type string;
           "RFC 7210 AdminKeyName field.";
       leaf local-key-name {
         if-feature rfc7210-local-key-name;
         type string;
           "RFC 7210 LocalKeyName field.";
       leaf peer-key-name {
         if-feature rfc7210-peer-key-name;
         type string;
           "RFC 7210 PeerKeyName field.";
       leaf-list peers {
         if-feature rfc-7210-peers;
         type string;
           "RFC 7210 Peers field.";
       leaf-list interfaces {
         if-feature rfc-7210-interfaces;
         type string;

Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 6]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015

           "RFC 7210 Interfaces field.";
       leaf protocol {
         if-feature rfc-7210-protocol;
         type identityref {
           base "rt:routing-protocol";
         default "all-routing-protocols";
           "RFC 7210 Protocol field.";
       leaf protocol-specific-info {
         if-feature rfc-7210-protocol-specific-info;
         type string;
           "RFC 7210 ProtocolSpecificInfo field";
       choice kdf {
         if-feature rfc-7210-KDF;
         default no-kdf;
           "Key derivation functions.";
         case no-kdf {
           leaf no-kdf {
             type empty;
               "No KDF used with the key.";
         case aes-128-cmac-kdf {
           leaf aes-128-cmac-kdf {
             type empty;
               "AES-CMAC using 128-bit keys.";
         case hmac-sha-1-kdf {
          leaf hmac-sha-1-kdf {
             type empty;
               "HMAC using SHA-1-hash.";
       leaf direction {
         if-feature rfc-7210-direction;
         type enumeration {

Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 7]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015

           enum in {
               "This key is for authenticating incoming messages.";
           enum out {
               "This key is for authenticating outgoing messages.";
           enum both {
               "This key is for authenticating both incoming and " +
               "outgoing messages.";
         default "both";
           "Indicate whether the key is to authenticate incoming " +
           "or outgoing messages.";



4.  Security Consideration.


5.  IANA Considerations


6.  References

6.1.   Normative References

   [RFC2119]  Bradner, S., "Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate
              Requirement Levels", BCP 14, RFC 2119, March 1997.

   [RFC7210]  Housley, R., Polk, T., Hartman, S., and D. Zhang,
              "Database of Long-Lived Symmetric Cryptographic Keys", RFC
              7210, April 2014, <http://www.rfc-

   [I-D.acee-rtg-yang-key-chain] Lindem, A., Qu, Y., Yeung, D., Chen,
              I., Zhang, J., and Y. Yang, "Key Chain YANG Data Model",
              draft-acee-rtg-yang-key-chain-03 (work in progress), March

Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 8]

Internet Draft               Key Table YANG                March 9, 2015


Author's Address

   I. Chen
   Email: ing-wher.chen@ericsson.com

Chen                       Expires in 6 months                  [Page 9]