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                   IPv6 Address Allocation Management
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   The IPv6 address space will be managed by the IANA for the good of
   the Internet community, with advice from the IAB and the IESG, by
   delegation to the regional registries.

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DRAFT              IPv6 Address Allocation Management         March 1995


The IPv6 address space must be managed for the good of the Internet
community.  Good management requires at least a small element of
central authority over the delegation and allocation of the address

The Internet community recognizes the Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority (IANA) as the appropriate entity to have the responsibility
for the management of the IPv6 address space.

The IANA will rely on the advice of the Internet Architecture Board
(IAB) and the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) in the
management of the IPv6 address space.

The IANA will delegate to regional (and other) registries the task of
making specific address allocations to network service providers and
other subregional registries.  Individuals and organizations may
obtain address allocations directly from the appropriate regional (or
other) registry, or from their service provider.

Any revenues (such as transaction fees) received with respect to the
IPv6 address space should be used only for expenses related to
registry activities, and not to subsidize any other activities.
There will be no charges for the address space itself, only fees to
recover the registry costs.

Any situation in the management of the IPv6 address space that leads
to monopoly control or predatory practices must be avoided.

The IANA will develop a plan for the initial IPv6 address allocation,
including a provision for the automatic allocation of IPv6 addresses
to holders of IPv4 addresses.

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