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INTERNET DRAFT                    M. Ohta, Tokyo Institute of Technology
                                                               July 2000

     Testing Root Name Servers with Inter Domain Anycast Addresses

Status of this Memo

   This document is an Internet-Draft and is in full conformance with
   all provisions of Section 10 of RFC2026.

   Internet-Drafts are working documents of the Internet Engineering
   Task Force (IETF), its areas, and its working groups.  Note that
   other groups may also distribute working documents as Internet-

   Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months
   and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any
   time.  It is inappropriate to use Internet- Drafts as reference
   material or to cite them other than as "work in progress."

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   This memo describes an environment to test a proposal to have root
   name servers with shared unicast addresses described in <draft-ietf-

1. Introduction

   In [SRS], there is a proposal to have multiple name servers sharing
   unicast (anycast) addresses. The proposal is designed to work in
   intra domain environment with route registries by using multiple ASes
   sharing AS numbers.

   This memo describes an environment to test the proposal.

   While the proposal is on root domain using multiple unicast (anycast)
   addresses and (anycast) AS numbers, the experiment is on a real but
   non-root domain using only one unicast address and one AS number.

2. IP addresses

M. Ohta                Expires on January 1, 2001               [Page 1]

INTERNET DRAFT            Testing Name Servers                 July 2000

   A block of IP addresses:


which is expected to be globally routable, is reserved for the test.

   The DNS servers share an IP address of:

3. AS number

   AS 4128 is used for the test.

4. Domains

   The initial domains to be served by the DNS servers are:


   There may be additional domains tested.

5. Participants

   The initial participants of the test and globally unique unicast
   addresses of their servers are as follows:

      ???.???.???.???  Francisco Arias <farias@nic.mx>
      ???.???.???.???  Frederico A. C. Neves <fneves@ansp.br>   Masataka Ohta <mohta@real-internet.org>
      ???.???.???.???  Randy Bush <randy@psg.com>
      ???.???.???.???  Stacy Smith <stacy@broadwing.net>

6. Mailing List

   If you are interested in joining (or just watching) the test, send a
   mail containing a single line of:

      subscribe aroot



   the mailing list is located at:


M. Ohta                Expires on January 1, 2001               [Page 2]

INTERNET DRAFT            Testing Name Servers                 July 2000

   Archive of the list is available at

7. Contact

   If there is something wrong with route information from AS 4128, the
   author of the memo or the mailing list for the test may be contacted.

   However, for direct contact to the source of the problem, the contact
   person of an AS next to AS 4128 in the AS path of problematic route
   information should be contacted as described in [SRS].

8. References

   [SRS] <draft-ietf-dnsop-ohta-shared-root-server-00.txt>.

9. Author's Address

   Masataka Ohta
   Computer Center
   Tokyo Institute of Technology
   2-12-1, O-okayama, Meguro-ku
   Tokyo 152-8550, JAPAN

   Phone: +81-3-5734-3299
   Fax: +81-3-5734-3415
   EMail: mohta@necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp

M. Ohta                Expires on January 1, 2001               [Page 3]