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                 BGP-4 Requirement Satisfaction Report

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   The purpose of this memo is to document how the requirements for
   advancing a routing protocol to Full Standard have been satisfied by
   Border Gateway Protocol version 4 (BGP-4) (and create needless
   busywork).  This report provides a roadmap to all information
   necessary to move BGP-4 to Standard.  This is the first of two final
   reports on the BGP protocol.  As required by the Internet Activities
   Board (IAB) and the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), the
   second report will present additional knowledge and understanding
   gained in the time when the protocol was mada a Draft standard and
   when it was submitted for Standard.

   The remaining sections of this memo document how BGP satisfies
   General Requirements specified in Section 3.0, as well as
   Requirements for Standard specified in Section 6.0 of the "Internet
   Routing Protocol Standardization Criteria" document [1].

   Please send comments to

Expiration Date December 1996                                   [Page 1]

INTERNET DRAFT                                                  May 1996


   BGP is an inter-autonomous system routing protocol designed for
   TCP/IP internets.

   Version 4 of the BGP protocol (BGP-4) specification has been
   submitted as [2].

   The MIB specification for BGP-4 has been submitted as [3].

   The applicability document for BGP-4 has been submitted as [4].

   Implementation experience, operational experience, compatibility,
   migration and testing issues are documented in [5], [6], and [7].


   There are multiple independantly written interoperable
   implementations of BGP-4 currently available.  This section gives a
   brief overview of the implementations that are currently used in the
   operational Internet.  They are:

         - cisco Systems, Inc.
         - gated consortium
         - 3COM
         - Bay Networks (Wellfleet)
         - Proteon
         - Rainbow-Bridge
         - Telebit (DK)


   The BGP protocol has been developed by the IDR (formerly BGP) Working
   Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force.  The group would like
   to express deepest thanks to Yakov Rekhter and Sue Hares, co-chairs
   of the IDR working group.  I'd also like to explicitly thank Yakov
   Rekhter for the review of this document as well as constructive and
   valuable comments.

   This report is in part based on the initial work of Peter Lothberg
   (Ebone), Andrew Partan (Alternet), Sean Doran (Sprint), Tony Bates
   (MCI), and several others.  Details of their work were presented at
   the Twenti-fifth and Twenti-seventh IETF meetings and are available
   from the IETF proceedings.

Expiration Date December 1996                                   [Page 2]

INTERNET DRAFT                                                  May 1996

Author's  Address:

   Paul Traina
   cisco Systems, Inc.
   170 W. Tasman Dr.
   San Jose, CA 95134


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Expiration Date March 1996                                      [Page 3]