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Versions: 00                                                            
INTERNET-DRAFT                                                  C. Apple
<draft-ietf-lsd-ldapv3-wp-00.txt>                              AT&T Labs
Expires: July 28, 1998                                          T. Howes
                                           Netscape Communications Corp.
                                                               C. Weider
                                                         Microsoft Corp.
                                                                 M. Wahl
                                                     Critical-Angle Inc.
                                                         28 January 1998

                  A Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema

Status of this Memo

   This document is an Internet-Draft.  Internet-Drafts are working
   docu- ments of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), its areas,
   and its working groups.  Note that other groups may also distribute
   working documents as Internet-Drafts.

   Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months
   and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any
   time.  It is inappropriate to use Internet- Drafts as reference
   material or to cite them other than as ``work in progress.''

   To learn the current status of any Internet-Draft, please check the
   ``1id-abstracts.txt'' listing contained in the Internet- Drafts
   Shadow Directories on ftp.is.co.za (Africa), nic.nordu.net (Europe),
   munnari.oz.au (Pacific Rim), ds.internic.net (US East Coast), or
   ftp.isi.edu (US West Coast).


   Many different white pages schema proposals have been published for
   use in LDAPv3 as well as other directory service protocols.  While
   these proposals define schema elements that are indeed useful in the
   deployment of LDAPv3-based directory services, there are a few
   problems common to the set of such proposals currently available to
   implementors: inconsistent semantic and syntactic definitions of
   similar attributes across schema, little or no semantic extensibility
   of attribute definitions without changing source code for deployed
   implementations, lack of standard object class definitions for
   containing white pages meta schema elements, and lack of an attribute
   grouping method. This document defines an object class for holding
   IWPS attributes as mapped into existing and relatively few newly

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 1]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

   defined extensible attribute types.

1.0 Introduction

   The X.500 standards [X500] define many basic object classes,
   attribute types, syntaxes, and matching rules that are useful in the
   context of white pages directory services and applications.  More
   recently, there have been a number of efforts ([LIPS], [RFC2218],
   [RFC2256], and [RFC2252]) to define object classes, attribute types,
   syntaxes, matching rules, and meta schema for use in building white
   pages applications. While this plethora of schema served as catalyst
   to early growth in a market acceptance of LDAP as a white pages
   technology of choice, it has become a barrier to true LDAP
   interoperability from the perspective of Intranet and Internet white
   pages directory service implementors and users.

   This document makes use of existing white pages schema and meta
   schema elements and minimizes the creation of new elements to specify
   the minimum white pages schema for LDAPv3 interoperation.

2.0  Background and Intended Usage

   The wpPerson object class is a general purpose object class that
   holds attributes about people. The attributes it holds were chosen to
   accommodate information requirements found in Internet and Intranet
   directory service deployments. The wpPerson object class is designed
   to be used within directory services based on the LDAP [RFC2251] and
   the X.500 family of protocols, and it may be useful in other contexts
   as well. Other attributes and auxiliary object classes defined in
   other documents MAY be included in white pages entries

   The attribute type and object class definitions are written using the
   BNF form of AttributeTypeDescription and ObjectClassDescription given
   in [RFC2252].  Lines have been folded for readability.

   Attributes that are referenced but not defined in this document are
   included in the standard and pilot attribute definitions [RFC2256],
   in the labeledURI object class [RFC2079], or in the inetOrgPerson
   object class [IOPERSON].

   BNF productions that are used, but not defined in this document are
   equivalent to those with the same name defined in [RFC822].

3.0  New Attribute Types Used in the wpPerson Object Class

3.1 objectGuid Attribute

   ( 1.2.840.113556.1.4.2 NAME 'objectGuid'

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 2]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

     EQUALITY octetStringMatch
     SINGLE-VALUE USAGE directoryOperation )

3.2 mimeContent

   The mimeContent attribute contains one or more values whose encodings
   are MIME contents [MIME].  Examples of MIME contents include images
   and sounds.

   ( OID-TBD NAME 'mimeContent' EQUALITY octetStringMatch

   Labels for the mimeContent attribute can be provided using the
   Content Transfer Disposition mechanism defined in [MIME].

4.0 New Syntactic Grammars

   The following paragraphs define extensible syntactic grammars for
   specific attributes used in implementing white pages directory
   services. The mechanism used to enable extensibility is referred to
   as labelling. Contextual semantic labels, which may be used alone or
   in combination, are defined for each such attribute. Other such
   attribute labels MAY be defined in other documents.

4.1 telephoneNumber Attribute

   labeled-number = telephonenumber [ "(" parameters ")" ]

   telephonenumber = printablestring ; SHOULD be based on E.163

   parameters = ( whsp parm whsp ) / ( parm "$" parameters )

   parm = numericoid / telephone-label

   telephone-label = "home"    ; a residential telephone number
                    / "work"    ; a business telephone number
                    / "fax"     ; a facsimile telephone number
                    / "modem"   ; a telephone number answered by a MODEM
                    / "voice"   ; a voice telephone number
                    / "msg"     ; a telephone number with voice mail
                    / "pref"    ; a preferred telephone number
                    / "pager"   ; a pager telephone number
                    / "cell"    ; an analog cellular telephone number
                    / "car"     ; a car cellular telephone number
                    / "isdn"    ; an international ISDN telephone number
                    / "pcs"     ; a digital PCS telephone number
                    / "temp"    ; a temporary telephone number

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 3]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

4.2 mail Attribute

   labeled-mail = mail [ "(" parameters ")" ]

   mail = <any CHAR except specials, CTL, CRLF, wspc>

   parameters = ( whsp parm whsp ) / ( parm "$" parameters )

   parm = vendor-specific / mail-label

   vendor-specific = numericoid

   mail-label = "personal"    ; a personal email address
               / "work"        ; a business email address
               / "pref"        ; a preferred email address
               / "temp"        ; a temporary email address
               / "vpim"        ; an RFC822 address for a [VPIM] mailbox
               / "internet"    ; a general purpose RFC822 address

4.3 postalAddress Attribute

   labeled-postal = postalAddress [ "$" "(" parameters ")" ]

   postalAddress = <a postalAddress value as defined in [RFC2256]>

   parameters = ( whsp parm whsp ) / ( parm "$" parameters )

   parm = numericoid / postal-label

   postal-label = "home"      ; a residential postal address
                 / "work"      ; a business postal address
                 / "pref"      ; a preferred postal address
                 / "temp"      ; a temporary postal address

4.4 organization Attribute

   labeled-organization = organization [ "$" "(" parameters ")" ]

   organization = <an organization attribute value of syntax defined
                    in [RFC2256]>

   parameters = ( whsp parm whsp ) / ( parm "$" parameters )

   parm = numericoid / org-label

   org-label = "home"  ; a personal organization name
              / "work"  ; a business or professional organization name
              / "temp"  ; a temporary organization name

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 4]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

4.5 locality Attribute

   labeled-locality = locality [ "$" "(" parameters ")" ]

   locality = <a locality attribute value of syntax defined in

   parameters = ( whsp parm whsp ) / ( parm "$" parameters )

   parm = numericoid / locality-label

   locality-label = "home"  ; a locality associated with a person's
                   / "work"  ; a locality associatd with a business
                   / "temp"  ; a locality associated with a temporary

4.6 title Attribute

   labeled-title = title [ CRLF "(" parameters ")" ]

   title = <a title attribute value of syntax defined in [RFC2256]>

   parameters = ( whsp parm whsp ) / ( parm "$" parameters )

   parm = numericoid / title-label

   title-label = "personal" ; a personal title
                / "work"     ; a business title
                / "pref"     ; a preferred title

4.7 description Attribute

   labeled-descr = description [ CRLF "(" parameters ")" ]

   description = <a description attribute value of syntax defined
                   in [RFC2256]>

   parameters = ( whsp parm whsp ) / ( parm "$" parameters )

   parm = numericoid / descr-label

   descr-label = "home" ; a personal description
                / "work" ; a business description
                / "pref" ; a preferred description

4.8 MIME Content Syntax

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 5]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

   (This is a new syntax)

   The MIME Content syntax has the following definition:

        ( TBD NAME 'MIME Content' )

   The contents of a value of an attribute with this syntax is a MIME
   content encoded according to [MIME].  Content Transfer Encodings may
   be used, however transfer of LDAP values can be assumed to be 8 bit

   An example value in this syntax is provided below.  Lines are wrapped
   for readability.  "\r\n" is used to indicate a CRLF pair.

    Content-Type: text/plain\r\nContent-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\r\n\r\n
    Hello world\r\n

5.0 Language Tags

   Language tags as specified in [LANGTAGS] MAY be used for the
   following wpPerson attributes: title, description, and postalAddress.
   Language tags MAY also be used with other attributes.

6.0 Operational Attributes

   The LDAPv3 operational attributes createTimestamp, creatorsName,
   modifyTimestamp, and modifiersName SHOULD be used. These attributes
   corresponding to the ancillary attributes defined in [RFC2218].

7.0 Naming Attributes

   Naming of wpPerson entries is a subject for other documents.

8.0  Definition of the wpPerson Object Class

   The wpPerson object class represents people who are associated with
   an organization, ISP, or on-line service connected to the Internet.
   It is a structural class and is derived from the Person object class.

   This object class definition includes the LDAP attribute types
   required to form attributes defined in [RFC2218] and [LIPS] when used
   in combination with the attribute labelling techniques defined above.
   Specific attribute types that express in the attribute type name the
   same information as that expressible using the attribute labels
   defined above are not included in this objectclass definition; all
   attributes fitting this description are included as allowable
   attribute types in an auxiliary compatibility object class defined in
   section 9.0.

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 6]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

   See paragraph 8.1 for the mapping of IWPS attributes to wpPerson
   LDAPv3 attribute types.

   ( OID-TBP
        NAME 'wpPerson'
        SUP person
        MUST (
        MAY (
            # the attribute values of the following types
            # SHOULD be labelled using the conventions
            # defined in section 4.0
            mail $
            telephoneNumber $
            postalAddress $
            o $
            l $
            c $
            title $
            description $
            # the attribute values of the following types
            # MUST NOT be labelled using the conventions
            # in section 4.0
            secretary $
            manager $
            ou $
            userCertificate $
            givenName $
            generationQualifier $
            initials $
            middleName $
            preferredLanguage $
            mimeContent $
            # the following attribute should be labelled
            # according to the convention specified in [RFC2079]

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 7]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

8.1 IWPS to LDAPv3 wpPerson Object Class Mapping

   IWPS Field Name         wpPerson Attribute      label(s)

   Email                   mail                    see 4.1
   Cert                    userCertificate         N/A
   Home Page               labeledURI              home AND/OR work
   Common Name             cn                      N/A
   Given Name              givenName               N/A
   Surname                 sn                      N/A
   Organization            o                       home OR work
   Locality                l                       home AND/OR work
   Country                 c                       N/A
   Language Spoken         preferredLanguage       N/A
   Personal Phone          telephoneNumber         home AND voice
   Personal Fax            telephoneNumber         home AND fax
   Personal Mobile Phone   telephoneNumber         home AND mobile
   Personal Pager Number   telephoneNumber         home AND pager
   Personal Postal Address postalAddress           home
   Description             description             home OR work
   Title                   title                   home OR work
   Office Phone            telephoneNumber         work AND voice
   Office Fax              telephoneNumber         work AND fax
   Office Mobile Phone     telephoneNumber         work AND mobile
   Office Pager            telephoneNumber         work AND pager
   Office Postal Address   postalAddress           work
   Creation Date           createTimestamp         N/A
   Creator Name            creatorsName            N/A
   Modified Date           modifyTimestamp         N/A
   Modifier Name           modifiersName           N/A

8.2 LIPS to LDAPv3 wpPerson Object Class


Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 8]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

9.0 wpCompatible Object Class

   The wpCompatible object class has beed defined to provide backward
   compatibility with deployed LDAPv3 implementations that support
   either [LIPS] or [RFC2218].

   ( OID-TBP
        NAME 'wpCompatible'
        MAY (
            personalTitle $
            homePhone $
            homeFax $
            homePostalAddress $
            facsimileTelephoneNumber $
            mobile $
            pager $
            MHSORAddress $
            roomNumber $
            telexNumber $
            thumbnailPhoto $
            thumbnailLogo $

10.0  Example of a wpPerson Entry

   The following example is expressed using the LDIF notation defined in

   dn: cn=Barbara Jensen, ou=Product Development, o=Ace Industry, c=US
   objectClass: top
   objectClass: person
   objectClass: wpPerson
   cn: Barbara Jensen
   cn: Babs Jensen
   sn: Jensen
   givenName: Barbara
   title;lang-en: manager, product development
   mail: bjensen@aceindustry.com (work $ pref)
   mail: bjensen@bjj.isp.net (home)
   telephoneNumber: +1 408 555 1862 (voice $ msg $ work $ pref)
   telephoneNumber: +1 408 555 1992 (fax $ work)
   telephoneNumber: +1 408 555 1941 (mobile)
   preferredLanguage: fr
   preferredLanguage: en-gb
   preferredLanguage: en

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                      [Page 9]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

   labeledURI: http://www.aceindustry.com/users/bjensen work

11.0  Security Considerations

   Attributes of directory entries are used to provide descriptive
   informa- tion about the real-world objects they represent, which can
   be people, organizations or devices.  Most countries have privacy
   laws regarding the publication of information about people.

   Transfer of cleartext passwords (e.g., a clear-text userPassword
   value) are strongly discouraged where the underlying transport
   service cannot guarantee confidentiality and may result in disclosure
   of the password to unauthorized parties.

12.0  Acknowledgments

   The engineering team for the schema specified in this document:

      Chris Apple - AT&T Labs
      Tim Howes - Netscape Communications Corp.
      Mark Wahl - Critical Angle Inc.
      Chris Weider - Microsoft Corp.

13.0  References

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Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                     [Page 10]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

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14.0  Authors' Address

   Chris Apple
   AT&T Labs
   600 Mountain Ave.
   Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0636

   Voice: +1 908 582 2409
   Email: capple@att.com

   Tim Howes
   Netscape Communications Corp.
   501 East Middlefield Road
   Mountain View, CA 94043

   Voice: +1 415 937 2600
   Email: howes@netscape.com

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                     [Page 11]

INTERNET-DRAFT     Minimum LDAPv3 White Pages Schema     28 January 1998

   Mark Wahl
   Critical Angle Inc.
   4815 W. Braker Lane #502-385
   Austin, TX 79759

   Voice: +1 512 372 3160
   Email: M.Wahl@critical-angle.com

   Chris Weider
   Microsoft Corp.
   1 Microsoft Way
   Redmond, WA 98052

   Voice: +1 425 703 2947
   Email: cweider@microsoft.com

15.0  Appendix A - Open Issues

15.1 jpegPhoto, photo, and audio syntaxes are too limiting

   We have defined a new attribute type named mimeContent that supports
   extensible syntaxes based on MIME content-types.

   We need to add examples to this document demonstrating how this
   syntax can be used to construct attributes that would normally have
   as a value image or audio data encoded according to a non-extensible
   image or audio syntax.

15.2 Specifiy Meta Syntax for Labelled Attributes?

15.3 New Matching Rules for Labelled Attributes?

15.4 Use of Surname Attribute

   The Person object class defined by X.520 requires that the surname
   attributes be present in all entries from the person object class.
   In some cultures, there may not be a clear distinction between name
   components. Future versions of this document may define how to
   represent names which do not have a surname.

               This Internet-Draft expires on July 28, 1998.

Apple, Howes, Wahl, Weider                                     [Page 12]