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                            MEGACO Protocol

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In accordance with agreements reached between IETF and ITU, the text of
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Cuervo, Huitema, Kelly, Rosen, Sijben, Zimmerer                 [Page 1]

Internet draft              MEGACO Protocol                June 25, 1999

MEGACO/Recommendation H.GCP defines the protocols used between elements
of a physically decomposed multimedia gateway.  There are no functional
differences from a system view between a decomposed gateway, with dis-
tributed sub-components potentially on more than one physical devices,
and a monolithic gateway.

This RFC/recommendation does not define how gateways, multipoint control
units or integrated voice response units (IVRs) work.  Instead it
creates a general framework that is suitable for these applications.

Packet network interfaces may include IP, ATM or possibly others.  The
interfaces will support a variety of SCN signalling systems, including
tone signalling, ISDN, ISUP, QSIG, and GSM.  National variants of these
signaling systems will be supported where applicable.

Cuervo, Huitema, Kelly, Rosen, Sijben, Zimmerer                 [Page 2]