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                      IETF Discussion List Charter

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   This memo outlines a charter for the IETF discussion mailing list.

1. Charter for the IETF Discussion List

   The IETF discussion list serves two purposes. It furthers the
   development and specification of Internet technology through
   discussion of technical issues. It also hosts discussions of IETF
   direction, policy, and procedures.  As this is the most general IETF
   mailing list, considerable latitude is allowed.  Advertising, whether
   to solicit business or promote employment opportunities, falls well
   outside the range of acceptable topics, as do discussions of a
   personal nature.

   This list is meant for initial discussion only.  Discussions that
   fall within the area of any working group or well established list
   should be moved to such more specific forum as soon as this is

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INTERNET-DRAFT        IETF Discussion List Charter            April 1999

   pointed out, unless the issue is one for which the working group
   needs wider input or direction.

   In addition to the topics noted above, appropriate postings include:

     - Last Call discussions of proposed protocol actions
     - Discussion of technical issues that are candidates for IETF work,
       but do not yet have an appropriate e-mail venue
     - Discussion of IETF administrative policies
     - Questions and clarifications concerning IETF meetings.

   Inappropriate postings include:

     - Unsolicited bulk e-mail
     - Discussion of subjects unrelated to IETF policy, meetings,
       activities, or technical concerns
     - Unprofessional commentary, regardless of the general subject.

   The IETF Chair, the IETF Executive Director, or a sergeant-at-arms
   appointed by the Chair is empowered to restrict posting by a person
   or of a thread as they deem appropriate to limit abuse. Complaints
   regarding their decisions should be referred to the IAB.


   Comments by members of the IETF POISSON working group are gratefully

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