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                    URN Namespace for MEF Documents


   This document describes the Namespace Identifier (NID) 'mef' for
   Uniform Resource Names (URNs) used to identify resources published by
   MEF Forum (MEF).  MEF specifies and manages resources that utilize
   this URN identification model.  Management activities for these and
   other resources types are handled by the manager of the MEF Assigned
   Names and Numbers (MANN) registry.

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Internet-Draft              Namespace for MEF               October 2015

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1.  Introduction

   The MEF Forum (MEF), is a nonprofit international industry standards
   organization, dedicated to the worldwide adoption of Carrier Ethernet
   (CE) networks and services.  The forum creates specifications in the
   area of Services, Architecture, Operations and Management.

   As part of these specifications efforts, there is a need to identify
   identifiers in a managed namespace that are unique and persistent.
   To ensure that this namespace's uniqueness is absolute, a
   registration of a specific Unified Resource Name (URN) URN Syntax
   [RFC2141] Namespace Identifier (NID) for use by MEF is being
   specified in this document, in full conformance with the NID
   registration process specified in URN Namespace Definition Mechanism

   The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
   document are to be interpreted as described in Key words for use in
   RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels [RFC2119].

1.1.  Terminology

               | Acronym | Meaning                        |
               | CE      | Carrier Ethernet               |
               |         |                                |
               | MANN    | MEF Assigned Names and Numbers |
               |         |                                |
               | MEF     | MEF Forum                      |
               |         |                                |
               | NID     | Namespace Identifier           |
               |         |                                |
               | NSS     | Namespace Specific String      |
               |         |                                |
               | RDS     | Resolution Discovery System    |
               |         |                                |
               | URN     | Uniform Resource Name          |

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Internet-Draft              Namespace for MEF               October 2015

2.  URN Specification for MEF

   Namespace ID:


   Registration information:

      registration version number: 1

      registration date: 2015-10-17

   Declared registrant of the namespace:

      Registering organization

         Name: MEF Forum

         Address: 6033 W.  Century Boulevard, Suite 1107 Los Angeles CA
         90045 USA

      Designated contact:

         Role: Manager, MEF Namespace


   Declaration of syntactic structure:

      The Namespace Specific String (NSS) of all URNs that use the MEF
      NID will be maintained by MEF Assigned Names and Numbers (MANN)

   Relevant ancillary documentation:

      MEF publishes information regarding the registered resources in
      the MEF Assigned Names and Numbers (MANN) registry.

   Identifier uniqueness considerations:

      MEF will manage resource classes using the "mef" NID and will be
      the authority for managing resources and associated subsequent
      strings.  MEF is expected to guarantee the uniqueness of the

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Internet-Draft              Namespace for MEF               October 2015

      strings themselves, or it may permit secondary responsibility for
      certain defined resources.

      MEF could allow for use of experimental type values for testing
      purposes only.  Note that using experimental types may create
      collision as multiple users may use the same values for resources
      and specific strings.

   Identifier persistence considerations:

      MEF will update the MEF Assigned Names and Numbers (MANN) registry
      to document the registered resources that will use the "mef" NID.

   Process of identifier assignment:

      Assignment of a URN from the MEF namespace will be documented as
      part of the MEF Assigned Names and Numbers (MANN) registry.

   Process of identifier resolution:

      The namespace is not listed with an Resolution Discovery System
      (RDS).  Therefore this process is not relevant.

   Rules for Lexical Equivalence:

      The entire URN is case-insensitive.

   Conformance with URN Syntax:

      No special considerations

   Validation mechanism:

      None specified.  URN assignment will be handled by procedures
      implemented in support of MEF activities.



3.  Examples

   The following are examples of URNs that a resolver for this namespace
   can resolve:



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Internet-Draft              Namespace for MEF               October 2015

4.  Security Considerations

   There are no additional security considerations other than those
   normally associated with the use and resolution of URNs in general,
   which are described in Function Requirements for URN [RFC1737], URN
   Syntax [RFC2141], and URN Namespace Definition Mechanism [RFC3406].

5.  IANA Considerations

   This document adds a new entry ("mef") in the urn-namespace registry.
   This is the defining document.  When published, the entry can be
   found in the "Uniform Resource Names (URN) Namespaces" registry
   available from the IANA site ( and any associated

6.  References

6.1.  Normative References

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6.2.  Informative References

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Internet-Draft              Namespace for MEF               October 2015

Author's Address

   Mahesh Jethanandani
   Cisco Systems, Inc
   180 W. Tasman Drive
   San Jose, CA  95134

   Phone: 408.526.8763

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