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April 1996                                                           ISI
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                How new BGP Attribute Types are defined

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   This document describes the process for creating new BGP attribute
   type codes. Basic attribute type codes are described in RFC1771
   pages 12 through 15.  These, and new attribute type codes that are
   used in the internet are expected to be registered with the IANA.

   It is expected that new BGP attribute type codes will be registered
   in a similar way that DNS RR's and SNMP subtypes are registered.
   The actual process will involve the documentation of such attribute
   type codes in FYI RFCs.  There is no intention of segmenting the
   code space into public/private or IP/OSI or any other sectioning.

   As each attribute type code is in the process of being developed, it
   will use an octect value of 255, which will be reserved for this use.
   At the time an attribute type code is assigned a number by the IANA,
   the documetnation and code base will be updated to reflect the
   authorized attribute type code value.

   IANA maintained values will be published in the periodically updated
   assigned numbers STD. The bgp attribute type code list or pointer to
   the bgp attribute type code list will be added to this STD. Requests
   for assignment of a new attribute type code should be sent to IANA
   with a subject that includes the phrase "attribute type code request".

   Currently in use attribute type codes are listed below:

                1       origin
                2       as path
                3       next hop
                4       multi exit disc.
                5       local preference
                6       atomic aggregate
                7       aggregator
                8       community                               cisco ID
                9       originator                              cisco ID
                10      cluster list                            cisco ID
                11      destination preference                  MCI ID
                12      advertiser                              Bay ID
                13      rcid_path (cluster id)                  Bay ID
                255     reserved for development

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