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Service Location Working Group                              Jim Naugle
Internet Draft                                 Kasthuri Kasthurirangan
Category: Individual Contribution                                  IBM
Expiration Date: November 98                                  May 1998

        TN3270E Service Location and Session Balancing Templates

Status of This Memo

   This document is an Internet Draft.  Internet Drafts are working
   documents of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), its Areas,
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Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (1998).  All Rights Reserved.


   These Service Location Protocol templates are to be used to provide
   service attributes associated with TN3270E servers to client
   software, or to end users.  For more information refer to TN3270E
   Service Location and Session Balancing Internet-Draft,
   [1] work in progress.

Naugle, Kasthurirangan      Individual Contribution           [Page 1]

Internet Draft   TN3270E SLP Session Balancing Templates      May 1998

1. Table of Contents

Status of This Memo
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Communications Server Service Templates
  3. TN3270 Service Template
  4. Security Consideration
  5. References
  6. Author's Addresses

2. Communications Server Service Templates

Communications Server Service Template

---------- template begins here -----------


The communications server service type is registered whenever the
communications software is loaded on the server. It describes generic
attributes of the communications server.  These attributes are also
repeated on the other service types provided.

Release = <version/release>

This is the version and release level of the commserver advertising
services. Its format is vv.rr.mm where "vv" is the major version
number, "rr" is the minor version number, and "mm" is the modification
level.  All numbers are padded on the left with zeroes to two
Example: version 3, release 0, mod level 0 is "03.00.00"

Platform = <platform>

This is the network operating system platform underlying the
advertising service. The defined values are:

IW          Server uses the IntranetWare network operating system

NT          Server uses the Microsoft NT operating system

OS2         Server uses the OS2 operating system

AIX         Server uses the AIX operating system

Protocol = <protocol>

Naugle, Kasthurirangan      Individual Contribution           [Page 2]

Internet Draft   TN3270E SLP Session Balancing Templates      May 1998

This is the protocol(s) supported by server providing this service.

The defined values are:

IP          Server supports client connections over IP (TCP/IP or

IPX         Server supports client connections over IPX (SPX/IPX)

Server name = <server name>

This is the name of the server that was configured during installation.
This value has meaning only for the IW platform.

----------- template ends here -----------

3. TN3270 Service Template

---------- template begins here ----------

URL: service:tn3270://<addr-spec>:<port-number>

The tn3270 service provides 3270 gateway access to an SNA network via
the TN3270 protocol. The attributes reflect the types of 3270 devices,
LU Pools, and load information available on the server.

Load = <server_load>:

This is the load balancing quantity to use in determining the least
loaded comm server to attach to for the service. The range of valid
values is an integral 0 to 100 with 0 indicating the lowest possible
load and 100 the highest.

LU Pool = <pool_name>,

<pool_name>/t<dev-type> ,

<pool_name>/t<dev_type>, ...


Identifies the LU pool names of LU pools available for use on this
service with the associated device types supported in each pool. Each
value is a record where the first token is the pool name of the pool
and the second token is a device type supported in that pool. A pool
name without a device type indicates that LUs of unknown type are
included in the pool. Records associated with a given pool name are
repeated for each supported device type. A given pool is included in a

Naugle, Kasthurirangan      Individual Contribution           [Page 3]

Internet Draft   TN3270E SLP Session Balancing Templates      May 1998

registration request if any PU profile that contributes at least one
LU to the pool is active on the server. The range of valid dev_types

dev_type    Meaning

3270002     Lu Type 2 Model 2

3270003     Lu Type 2 Model 3

3270004     Lu Type 2 Model 4

3270005     Lu Type 2 Model 5

3270DSC     Printer LU


These keyword attributes describe the TN3270e functions supported by
this service.

BIND        The server supports the SNA bind image function

DATA        The non-SNA 3270 data stream is supported by server

RESPONSES   The server supports SNA response mode

SCS         The server supports SNA 3270 SCS data stream

SYSREQ      The SYSREQ keyboard key is supported on server

They are present in the service advertisement if the functions they
describe are available.

Security = <security>

This field will contain the security technique supported by the
server. The actual values are currently being defined in the Internet
standards body.

RFC1576, RFC1646, RFC1647

The RFC numbers that document features supported by the service.
Current RFC's for TN3270 include 1576, 1646, and 1647.

----------- template ends here ----------

4. Security Consideration

Naugle, Kasthurirangan      Individual Contribution           [Page 4]

Internet Draft   TN3270E SLP Session Balancing Templates      May 1998

This information was taken from Service Templates and service:
Schemes Internet-Draft [3]  work in progress.

Service type templates provide information that is used to interpret
information obtained by the Service Location Protocol.  If these
templates are modified or if false templates are distributed, services
may not correctly register themselves, or clients might not be able to
interpret service information.

The service: URLs themselves specify the service access point and
protocol for a particular service type.  These service URLs could be
distributed and indicate the location of a service other than that
normally wanted to used.  The Service Location Protocol [2]
distributes service: URLs and has an authentication mechnism that
allows service: URLs of registered services to be signed and for the
signatures to be verified by clients.

5. References

[1] J. Naugle, K. Kasthurirangan, G. Ledford. TN3270E Service Location
and Session Balancing Internet-Draft, May 98. (work in progress)

[2]  J. Veizades, E. Guttman, C. Perkins, and S. Kaplan.  Service
Location Protocol.  RFC 2165, July 1997.

[3] E. Guttman, C. Perkins, J. Kempf.  Service Templates and service:
Schemes Internet-Draft, March 1998.  (work in progress)

6. Author's Addresses

   Jim Naugle
   P.O. Box 12195
   Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27709-2195

   Phone:  (919) 254-8789
   EMail:  jnaugle@us.ibm.com

   Kathuri Kasthurirangan
   P.O. Box 12195
   Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27709-2195

   Phone: (919) 254-5721
   EMail: kasthuri@us.ibm.com

Naugle, Kasthurirangan      Individual Contribution           [Page 5]