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Versions: 00 01 02 03                                                   
Network Working Group                                           D. Royer
Internet-Draft                                            IntelliCal LLC
Expires: July 16, 2005                                  January 15, 2005

                           Time Zone Registry

Status of this Memo

   This document is an Internet-Draft and is subject to all provisions
   of section 3 of RFC 3667.  By submitting this Internet-Draft, each
   author represents that any applicable patent or other IPR claims of
   which he or she is aware have been or will be disclosed, and any of
   which he or she become aware will be disclosed, in accordance with
   RFC 3668.

   Internet-Drafts are working documents of the Internet Engineering
   Task Force (IETF), its areas, and its working groups.  Note that
   other groups may also distribute working documents as

   Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months
   and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any
   time.  It is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference
   material or to cite them other than as "work in progress."

   The list of current Internet-Drafts can be accessed at

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   This Internet-Draft will expire on July 16, 2005.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2005).


   This is a submission for the creation of an new IANA Time Zones
   registration process.  This is a registry for iCalendar "VTIMEZONE"
   calendar component information.  Time zones and their definitions are
   required in order to schedule and synchronize meetings and software.
   The condition in which these time zones change are subject to civil
   authority rulings are are not always determinable by software

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 1]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

   This is intended to be a central repository for time zone
   information.  The registry does not presume to be the authority for
   time zone information or rules.  This register is simply a place
   where time zone definitions may be registered for public access.

Table of Contents

   1.  Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  3
   2.  Basic Grammar and Conventions  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5
     2.1   Formatting Conventions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5
     2.2   Related Memos  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6
     2.3   International Considerations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6
   3.  Security Considerations  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7
   4.  Interoperability Considerations  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  8
   5.  Registry TZID Value  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  9
   6.  Registry TZURL Value . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
   7.  iCalendar VTIMEZONE registry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
   8.  Initial Time Zone Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
   9.  References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
       Author's Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
       Intellectual Property and Copyright Statements . . . . . . . . 19

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 2]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

1.  Introduction

   Many software vendors create time zone information for their
   applications.  This information can sometimes be inconsistent with
   other applications or contain insufficient information when referring
   to times far in the past.  By creating an IANA registry, the same
   information will be available to any vendor.  In addition there is
   revision control in the database so vendors will know if they have
   the latest data.

   Each time zone has a unique iCalendar time zone identifier (TZID).
   This document uses the iCalendar "LAST-MODIFIED" property in the the
   iCalendar "VTIMEZONE" calendar component to track revisions of the

   The "VTIMEZONE" calendar component is not defined in this
   specification and all usage here are simply examples.  At the time of
   this writing RFC-2445 is the authority for the "VTIMEZONE" calendar
   component.  The initial information in the registry will be from the
   "Olson" database.

   When applications create information using a time zone is is critical
   that the using applications have the same definitions of the time
   zone in order for the instances in time to match.  For that reason
   the "TZID" property value will contain the revision information of
   the time zone name and the "TZURL" value will point to the specific
   revision of the time zone data.

   The "TZID" property values are broken down into three parts; region,
   city, and revision.  And they are separated using the slash (/)

   This example is using the America/Bosie time zone that was registered
   on January 15th, 2005 at 6:17:22 PM UTC:

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 3]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005


Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 4]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

2.  Basic Grammar and Conventions

   The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
   "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interoperated as described in

   The notation used in this memo is the ABNF notation of [12].  Readers
   intending on implementing this format defined in this memo should be
   familiar with this notation in order to properly interpret the
   specifications of this memo.

   All numeric and hexadecimal values used in this memo are given in
   decimal notation.

   All names of properties, property parameters, enumerated property
   values and property parameter values are case-insensitive.  However,
   all other property values are case-sensitive, unless otherwise
      Note: All indented editorial notes, such as this one, are intended
      to provide the reader with additional information.  The
      information is not essential to the building of an implementation
      conformant with this memo.  The information is provided to
      highlight a particular feature or characteristic of the memo.

   The format for the iCalendar object is based on the syntax of the
   [14] content type.  While the iCalendar object is not a profile of
   the [14] content type, it does reuse a number of the elements from
   the [14] specification.

2.1  Formatting Conventions

   The mechanisms defined in this memo are defined in prose.  Many of
   the terms used to describe these have common usage that is different
   than the standards usage of this memo.  In order to reference within
   this memo elements of the calendaring and scheduling model, core
   object [2] some formatting conventions have been used.  Calendaring
   and scheduling roles are referred to in quoted-strings of text with
   the first character of each word in upper case.  For example,
   "Organizer" refers to a role of a "Calendar User" within the protocol
   defined by [2].  Calendar components defined by this memo are
   referred to with capitalized, quoted-strings of text.  All calendar
   components start with the letter "V".  For example, "VTIMEZONE"
   refers to the time zone calendar component.

   The properties defined by this memo are referred to with capitalized,
   quoted-strings of text, followed by the word "property".  For
   example, "TZNAME" property refers to the iCalendar property used to

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 5]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

   convey the display name of the time zone.  Property parameters
   defined by this memo are referred to with lowercase, quoted-strings
   of text, followed by the word "parameter".  For example, "value"
   parameter refers to the iCalendar property parameter used to override
   the default data type for a property value.

2.2  Related Memos

   Implementers will need to be familiar with several other memos that,
   along with this memo.  Such as iCalendar [2] specifications.

   [2] - Specifies the format for the "VTIMEZONE" calendar component.

   This memo does not attempt to repeat the specification of concepts or
   definitions from these other memos.  Where possible, references are
   made to the memo that provides for the specification of these
   concepts or definitions.

2.3  International Considerations

   In the rest of this document, descriptions of characters are of the
   form "character name (codepoint)", where "codepoint" is from the US-
   ASCII character set.  The "character name" is the authoritative
   description; (codepoint) is a reference to that character in US-ASCII
   or US-ASCII compatible sets (for example the ISO-8859-x family, UTF-
   8, ISO-2022-xx, KOI8-R).  If a non-US-ASCII compatible character set
   is used, appropriate code-point from that character set MUST be
   chosen instead.  Use of non-US-ASCII-compatible character sets is NOT

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 6]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

3.  Security Considerations

   There are no known security issues with this proposal as this is a
   repository of information and not an over the wire protocol.

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 7]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

4.  Interoperability Considerations

   This document is intended to be compliant with the [iCAL] "VTIMEZONE"
   calendar component and will interoperate with any implementation that
   follows that specification.

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 8]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

5.  Registry TZID Value

   Within the time zone registry, the "TZID" property will be used as
   follows.  This is compatible with the [iCAL] "TZID" property as here
   we only define the format of the value of the property.

   Property Name: TZID

   Purpose: This property specifies the text value that uniquely
   identifies the "VTIMEZONE" calendar component in the IANA registry.

   Value Type: TEXT (in the format specified below)

   Property Parameters: Non-standard property parameters can be
   specified on this property.

   Conformance: This property MUST be specified in a "VTIMEZONE"
   calendar component.

   Description: This is the label by which a time zone calendar
   component is referenced by any iCalendar properties whose data type
   is either DATE-TIME or TIME and not intended to specify a UTC or a
   "floating" time.  The presence of the SOLIDUS character (US-ASCII
   decimal 47) as a prefix, indicates that this TZID represents an
   unique ID in a globally defined IANA time zone registry (this

   Format Definition: This property is defined by the following

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                  [Page 9]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

        tzid       = "TZID" tzidpropparam ":"
                     "/" tzregion
                     "/" tzcity
                     "/" tzrev CRLF

        tzidpropparam      = *(";" xparam)

        ianatzidprefix     = "/IANA.ORG"

        tzregion           = "Africa"  / "America" / "Asia" / "Europe"
                             / "Indian" / "Pacific"

        tzcity             = <the name of a city in the tzregion>

        tzrev              = date-time "Z"

        date-time          = <as defined in iCalendar>

      Example: The following are examples of globally unique time zone
      identifiers as defined by this specification:



Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                 [Page 10]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

6.  Registry TZURL Value

   Within the time zone registry, the "TZURL" property will be used as
   follows.  This is compatible with the [iCAL] "TZURL" property as here
   we only define the format of the value of the property.

   Property Name: TZURL

   a Purpose: The TZURL provides a means for a VTIMEZONE component to
   point to a network location that can be used to retrieve an up-to-
   date version of itself.

   Value Type: URI

   Property Parameters: Non-standard property parameters can be
   specified on this property.

   Conformance: This property can be specified in a "VTIMEZONE" calendar

   Description: The TZURL provides a means for a VTIMEZONE component to
   point to a network location that can be used to retrieve an up-to-
   date version of itself.  This provides a hook to handle changes
   government bodies impose upon time zone definitions.  Retrieval of
   this resource results in an iCalendar object containing a single
   VTIMEZONE component and a METHOD property set to PUBLISH.

   Format Definition: The property is defined by the following notation:

        tzurl      = "TZURL" tzurlparam ":" ianatzuri CRLF

        tzurlparam = *(";" xparam)

        ianatzuri  = "ftp://iana.org/XXXXXX"
                      "/" tzregion "/" tzcity "/" rzrev ".ics"

      Example: The following is an example of this property:



Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                 [Page 11]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

7.  iCalendar VTIMEZONE registry

   Each time zone is an [iCAL] "VTIMEZONE" calendar component.  The
   [iCAL] "TZID" property value will be unique in the IANA registry and
   will be prefixed with "/IANA.ORG/" to identify them as being part of
   the register.

   The TZURL property will be URL that will point to the newest version
   of the time zone ".ics" file in the IANA registry.

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                 [Page 12]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

8.  Initial Time Zone Name

   Africa/Abidjan.ics                        Africa/Accra.ics
   Africa/Addis_Ababa.ics                    Africa/Algiers.ics
   Africa/Asmera.ics                         Africa/Bamako.ics
   Africa/Bangui.ics                         Africa/Banjul.ics
   Africa/Bissau.ics                         Africa/Blantyre.ics
   Africa/Brazzaville.ics                    Africa/Bujumbura.ics
   Africa/Cairo.ics                          Africa/Casablanca.ics
   Africa/Ceuta.ics                          Africa/Conakry.ics
   Africa/Dakar.ics                          Africa/Dar_es_Salaam.ics
   Africa/Djibouti.ics                       Africa/Douala.ics
   Africa/El_Aaiun.ics                       Africa/Freetown.ics
   Africa/Gaborone.ics                       Africa/Harare.ics
   Africa/Johannesburg.ics                   Africa/Kampala.ics
   Africa/Khartoum.ics                       Africa/Kigali.ics
   Africa/Kinshasa.ics                       Africa/Lagos.ics
   Africa/Libreville.ics                     Africa/Lome.ics
   Africa/Luanda.ics                         Africa/Lubumbashi.ics
   Africa/Lusaka.ics                         Africa/Malabo.ics
   Africa/Maputo.ics                         Africa/Maseru.ics
   Africa/Mbabane.ics                        Africa/Mogadishu.ics
   Africa/Monrovia.ics                       Africa/Nairobi.ics
   Africa/Ndjamena.ics                       Africa/Niamey.ics
   Africa/Nouakchott.ics                     Africa/Ouagadougou.ics
   Africa/Porto-Novo.ics                     Africa/Sao_Tome.ics
   Africa/Timbuktu.ics                       Africa/Tripoli.ics
   Africa/Tunis.ics                          Africa/Windhoek.ics
   America/Adak.ics                          America/Anchorage.ics
   America/Anguilla.ics                      America/Antigua.ics
   America/Araguaina.ics                     America/Aruba.ics
   America/Asuncion.ics                      America/Bahia.ics
   America/Barbados.ics                      America/Belem.ics
   America/Belize.ics                        America/Boa_Vista.ics
   America/Bogota.ics                        America/Boise.ics
   America/Buenos_Aires.ics                  America/Cambridge_Bay.ics
   America/Campo_Grande.ics                  America/Cancun.ics
   America/Caracas.ics                       America/Catamarca.ics
   America/Cayenne.ics                       America/Cayman.ics
   America/Chicago.ics                       America/Chihuahua.ics
   America/Cordoba.ics                       America/Costa_Rica.ics
   America/Cuiaba.ics                        America/Curacao.ics
   America/Danmarkshavn.ics                  America/Dawson_Creek.ics
   America/Dawson.ics                        America/Denver.ics
   America/Detroit.ics                       America/Dominica.ics
   America/Edmonton.ics                      America/Eirunepe.ics
   America/El_Salvador.ics                   America/Fortaleza.ics

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                 [Page 13]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

   America/Glace_Bay.ics                     America/Godthab.ics
   America/Goose_Bay.ics                     America/Grand_Turk.ics
   America/Grenada.ics                       America/Guadeloupe.ics
   America/Guatemala.ics                     America/Guayaquil.ics
   America/Guyana.ics                        America/Halifax.ics
   America/Havana.ics                        America/Hermosillo.ics
   America/Indiana/Indianapolis.ics          America/Indiana/Knox.ics
   America/Indiana/Marengo.ics               America/Indianapolis.ics
   America/Indiana/Vevay.ics                 America/Inuvik.ics
   America/Iqaluit.ics                       America/Jamaica.ics
   America/Jujuy.ics                         America/Juneau.ics
   America/Kentucky/Louisville.ics           America/Kentucky/Monticello.ics
   America/La_Paz.ics                        America/Lima.ics
   America/Los_Angeles.ics                   America/Louisville.ics
   America/Maceio.ics                        America/Managua.ics
   America/Manaus.ics                        America/Martinique.ics
   America/Mazatlan.ics                      America/Mendoza.ics
   America/Menominee.ics                     America/Merida.ics
   America/Mexico_City.ics                   America/Miquelon.ics
   America/Monterrey.ics                     America/Montevideo.ics
   America/Montreal.ics                      America/Montserrat.ics
   America/Nassau.ics                        America/New_York.ics
   America/Nipigon.ics                       America/Nome.ics
   America/Noronha.ics                       America/North_Dakota/Center.ics
   America/Panama.ics                        America/Pangnirtung.ics
   America/Paramaribo.ics                    America/Phoenix.ics
   America/Port-au-Prince.ics                America/Port_of_Spain.ics
   America/Porto_Velho.ics                   America/Puerto_Rico.ics
   America/Rainy_River.ics                   America/Rankin_Inlet.ics
   America/Recife.ics                        America/Regina.ics
   America/Rio_Branco.ics                    America/Santiago.ics
   America/Santo_Domingo.ics                 America/Sao_Paulo.ics
   America/Scoresbysund.ics                  America/Shiprock.ics
   America/St_Johns.ics                      America/St_Kitts.ics
   America/St_Lucia.ics                      America/St_Thomas.ics
   America/St_Vincent.ics                    America/Swift_Current.ics
   America/Tegucigalpa.ics                   America/Thule.ics
   America/Thunder_Bay.ics                   America/Tijuana.ics
   America/Toronto.ics                       America/Tortola.ics
   America/Vancouver.ics                     America/Whitehorse.ics
   America/Winnipeg.ics                      America/Yakutat.ics
   America/Yellowknife.ics                   Antarctica/Casey.ics
   Antarctica/Davis.ics                      Antarctica/DumontDUrville.ics
   Antarctica/Mawson.ics                     Antarctica/McMurdo.ics
   Antarctica/Palmer.ics                     Antarctica/Rothera.ics
   Antarctica/South_Pole.ics                 Antarctica/Syowa.ics
   Antarctica/Vostok.ics                     Arctic/Longyearbyen.ics
   Asia/Aden.ics                             Asia/Almaty.ics

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                 [Page 14]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

   Asia/Amman.ics                            Asia/Anadyr.ics
   Asia/Aqtau.ics                            Asia/Aqtobe.ics
   Asia/Ashgabat.ics                         Asia/Baghdad.ics
   Asia/Bahrain.ics                          Asia/Baku.ics
   Asia/Bangkok.ics                          Asia/Beirut.ics
   Asia/Bishkek.ics                          Asia/Brunei.ics
   Asia/Calcutta.ics                         Asia/Choibalsan.ics
   Asia/Chongqing.ics                        Asia/Colombo.ics
   Asia/Damascus.ics                         Asia/Dhaka.ics
   Asia/Dili.ics                             Asia/Dubai.ics
   Asia/Dushanbe.ics                         Asia/Gaza.ics
   Asia/Harbin.ics                           Asia/Hong_Kong.ics
   Asia/Hovd.ics                             Asia/Irkutsk.ics
   Asia/Istanbul.ics                         Asia/Jakarta.ics
   Asia/Jayapura.ics                         Asia/Jerusalem.ics
   Asia/Kabul.ics                            Asia/Kamchatka.ics
   Asia/Karachi.ics                          Asia/Kashgar.ics
   Asia/Katmandu.ics                         Asia/Krasnoyarsk.ics
   Asia/Kuala_Lumpur.ics                     Asia/Kuching.ics
   Asia/Kuwait.ics                           Asia/Macau.ics
   Asia/Magadan.ics                          Asia/Makassar.ics
   Asia/Manila.ics                           Asia/Muscat.ics
   Asia/Nicosia.ics                          Asia/Novosibirsk.ics
   Asia/Omsk.ics                             Asia/Oral.ics
   Asia/Phnom_Penh.ics                       Asia/Pontianak.ics
   Asia/Pyongyang.ics                        Asia/Qatar.ics
   Asia/Qyzylorda.ics                        Asia/Rangoon.ics
   Asia/Riyadh.ics                           Asia/Saigon.ics
   Asia/Sakhalin.ics                         Asia/Samarkand.ics
   Asia/Seoul.ics                            Asia/Shanghai.ics
   Asia/Singapore.ics                        Asia/Taipei.ics
   Asia/Tashkent.ics                         Asia/Tbilisi.ics
   Asia/Tehran.ics                           Asia/Thimphu.ics
   Asia/Tokyo.ics                            Asia/Ulaanbaatar.ics
   Asia/Urumqi.ics                           Asia/Vientiane.ics
   Asia/Vladivostok.ics                      Asia/Yakutsk.ics
   Asia/Yekaterinburg.ics                    Asia/Yerevan.ics
   Atlantic/Azores.ics                       Atlantic/Bermuda.ics
   Atlantic/Canary.ics                       Atlantic/Cape_Verde.ics
   Atlantic/Faeroe.ics                       Atlantic/Jan_Mayen.ics
   Atlantic/Madeira.ics                      Atlantic/Reykjavik.ics
   Atlantic/South_Georgia.ics                Atlantic/Stanley.ics
   Atlantic/St_Helena.ics                    Australia/Adelaide.ics
   Australia/Brisbane.ics                    Australia/Broken_Hill.ics
   Australia/Darwin.ics                      Australia/Hobart.ics
   Australia/Lindeman.ics                    Australia/Lord_Howe.ics
   Australia/Melbourne.ics                   Australia/Perth.ics
   Australia/Sydney.ics                      Europe/Amsterdam.ics

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                 [Page 15]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

   Europe/Andorra.ics                        Europe/Athens.ics
   Europe/Belfast.ics                        Europe/Belgrade.ics
   Europe/Berlin.ics                         Europe/Bratislava.ics
   Europe/Brussels.ics                       Europe/Bucharest.ics
   Europe/Budapest.ics                       Europe/Chisinau.ics
   Europe/Copenhagen.ics                     Europe/Dublin.ics
   Europe/Gibraltar.ics                      Europe/Helsinki.ics
   Europe/Istanbul.ics                       Europe/Kaliningrad.ics
   Europe/Kiev.ics                           Europe/Lisbon.ics
   Europe/Ljubljana.ics                      Europe/London.ics
   Europe/Luxembourg.ics                     Europe/Madrid.ics
   Europe/Malta.ics                          Europe/Minsk.ics
   Europe/Monaco.ics                         Europe/Moscow.ics
   Europe/Nicosia.ics                        Europe/Oslo.ics
   Europe/Paris.ics                          Europe/Prague.ics
   Europe/Riga.ics                           Europe/Rome.ics
   Europe/Samara.ics                         Europe/San_Marino.ics
   Europe/Sarajevo.ics                       Europe/Simferopol.ics
   Europe/Skopje.ics                         Europe/Sofia.ics
   Europe/Stockholm.ics                      Europe/Tallinn.ics
   Europe/Tirane.ics                         Europe/Uzhgorod.ics
   Europe/Vaduz.ics                          Europe/Vatican.ics
   Europe/Vienna.ics                         Europe/Vilnius.ics
   Europe/Warsaw.ics                         Europe/Zagreb.ics
   Europe/Zaporozhye.ics                     Europe/Zurich.ics
   Indian/Antananarivo.ics                   Indian/Chagos.ics
   Indian/Christmas.ics                      Indian/Cocos.ics
   Indian/Comoro.ics                         Indian/Kerguelen.ics
   Indian/Mahe.ics                           Indian/Maldives.ics
   Indian/Mauritius.ics                      Indian/Mayotte.ics
   Indian/Reunion.ics                        Pacific/Apia.ics
   Pacific/Auckland.ics                      Pacific/Chatham.ics
   Pacific/Easter.ics                        Pacific/Efate.ics
   Pacific/Enderbury.ics                     Pacific/Fakaofo.ics
   Pacific/Fiji.ics                          Pacific/Funafuti.ics
   Pacific/Galapagos.ics                     Pacific/Gambier.ics
   Pacific/Guadalcanal.ics                   Pacific/Guam.ics
   Pacific/Honolulu.ics                      Pacific/Johnston.ics
   Pacific/Kiritimati.ics                    Pacific/Kosrae.ics
   Pacific/Kwajalein.ics                     Pacific/Majuro.ics
   Pacific/Marquesas.ics                     Pacific/Midway.ics
   Pacific/Nauru.ics                         Pacific/Niue.ics
   Pacific/Norfolk.ics                       Pacific/Noumea.ics
   Pacific/Pago_Pago.ics                     Pacific/Palau.ics
   Pacific/Pitcairn.ics                      Pacific/Ponape.ics
   Pacific/Port_Moresby.ics                  Pacific/Rarotonga.ics
   Pacific/Saipan.ics                        Pacific/Tahiti.ics
   Pacific/Tarawa.ics                        Pacific/Tongatapu.ics

Royer                    Expires July 16, 2005                 [Page 16]

Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

   Pacific/Truk.ics                          Pacific/Wake.ics
   Pacific/Wallis.ics                        Pacific/Yap.ics

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         http://www.imc.org/pdi/vcal-10.txt", September 1996,

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Internet-Draft                 iCalendar                    January 2005

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