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Intended status: Informational                         November 14, 2012
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   Deprecation of BGP Path Attributes DPA, ADVERTISER and RCID_PATH /


   This document requests IANA to deprecate several BGP path attributes,
   associated with an abandoned Internet Draft and a Historic RFC,

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Internet-Draft          Deprecation of DPA et al           November 2012

1.  Introduction

   As of this writing the BGP Path Attributes registry maintained by
   IANA contains entries for DPA, ADVERTISER, and RCID_PATH /
   CLUSTER_ID.  The first of these is associated with
   [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-dpa-05], an Internet Draft that was abandoned in
   1996.  The latter are associated with [RFC1863], an RFC that was
   reclassified as Historic in 2005.  Neither of these specifications is
   in use now, nor ever was.

2.  IANA Considerations

   This document requests IANA to mark the BGP Path Attributes registry
   entries for DPA, ADVERTISER, and RCID_PATH / CLUSTER_ID as

3.  Security Considerations

   There are no meaningful security consequences arising from this
   registry update.

4.  Normative References

   [RFC1863]  Haskin, D., "A BGP/IDRP Route Server alternative to a full
              mesh routing", RFC 1863, October 1995.

              Chen, E. and T. Bates, "Destination Preference Attribute
              for BGP", 1996.

Author's Address

   John Scudder
   Juniper Networks
   1194 N. Mathilda Ave
   Sunnyvale, CA  94089


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