YANG Data Center Baseline Switch Profile

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                 YANG Data Center Baseline Switch Profile


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White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 1]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

1.  Introduction

   *Disclaimer* - this is a -00 draft.

   This is a normative profile for Baseline Switch Profile (send into
   IETF RTG) intended to be published as RFC on completion of DMTF spec
   to wrap Baseline Switch Profile.

2.  What is a Redfish Baseline Switch?

   The baseline switch profile contains basic system, interface, L2, and
   L3 configuration elements sufficient to set up the device for use in
   a controller based converged infrastructure environment.

   The following list of IETF drafts, RFCs, and Redfish models will
   constitute the management interface to the baseline switch.

3.  Core YANG RFCs

   RFC6020 [1] provides the YANG modeling language definition.

   RFC6991 [2] provides the Common YANG Data Types used by many other
   IETF YANG modules.

   Interface management requires at set of RFCs to provide all relevant


3.1.  RFC7223 provides:

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 2]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

     +--rw interfaces
     |  +--rw interface* [name]
     |     +--rw name                        string
     |     +--rw description?                string
     |     +--rw type                        identityref
     |     +--rw enabled?                    boolean
     |     +--rw link-up-down-trap-enable?   enumeration
     +--ro interfaces-state
        +--ro interface* [name]
           +--ro name               string
           +--ro type               identityref
           +--ro admin-status       enumeration
           +--ro oper-status        enumeration
           +--ro last-change?       YANG:date-and-time
           +--ro if-index           int32
           +--ro phys-address?      YANG:phys-address
           +--ro higher-layer-if*   interface-state-ref
           +--ro lower-layer-if*    interface-state-ref
           +--ro speed?             YANG:gauge64
           +--ro statistics
              +--ro discontinuity-time    YANG:date-and-time
              +--ro in-octets?            YANG:counter64
              +--ro in-unicast-pkts?      YANG:counter64
              +--ro in-broadcast-pkts?    YANG:counter64
              +--ro in-multicast-pkts?    YANG:counter64
              +--ro in-discards?          YANG:counter32
              +--ro in-errors?            YANG:counter32
              +--ro in-unknown-protos?    YANG:counter32
              +--ro out-octets?           YANG:counter64
              +--ro out-unicast-pkts?     YANG:counter64
              +--ro out-broadcast-pkts?   YANG:counter64
              +--ro out-multicast-pkts?   YANG:counter64
              +--ro out-discards?         YANG:counter32
              +--ro out-errors?           YANG:counter32

3.2.  RFC7277 adds:

     +--rw if:interfaces
       +--rw if:interface* [name]
          +--rw ipv4!
          |  +--rw enabled?            boolean
          |  +--rw forwarding?         boolean
          |  +--rw mtu?                uint16
          |  +--rw address* [ip]
          |  |  +--rw ip               inet:ipv4-address-no-zone
          |  |  +--rw (subnet)
          |  |     +--:(prefix-length)

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 3]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

          |  |     |  +--rw ip:prefix-length?   uint8
          |  |     +--:(netmask)
          |  |        +--rw ip:netmask?         YANG:dotted-quad
          |  +--rw neighbor* [ip]
          |     +--rw ip                    inet:ipv4-address-no-zone
          |     +--rw link-layer-address    YANG:phys-address
          +--rw ipv6!
             +--rw enabled?            boolean
             +--rw forwarding?         boolean
             +--rw mtu?                uint32
             +--rw address* [ip]
             |  +--rw ip               inet:ipv6-address-no-zone
             |  +--rw prefix-length    uint8
             +--rw neighbor* [ip]
             |  +--rw ip                    inet:ipv6-address-no-zone
             |  +--rw link-layer-address    YANG:phys-address
             +--rw dup-addr-detect-transmits?   uint32
             +--rw autoconf
                +--rw create-global-addresses?        boolean
                +--rw create-temporary-addresses?     boolean
                +--rw temporary-valid-lifetime?       uint32
                +--rw temporary-preferred-lifetime?   uint32


    +--ro if:interfaces-state
       +--ro if:interface* [name]
          +--ro ipv4!
          |  +--ro forwarding?   boolean
          |  +--ro mtu?          uint16
          |  +--ro address* [ip]
          |  |  +--ro ip               inet:ipv4-address-no-zone
          |  |  +--ro (subnet)?
          |  |  |  +--:(prefix-length)
          |  |  |  |  +--ro prefix-length?   uint8
          |  |  |  +--:(netmask)
          |  |  |     +--ro netmask?         YANG:dotted-quad
          |  |  +--ro origin?          ip-address-origin
          |  +--ro neighbor* [ip]
          |     +--ro ip                    inet:ipv4-address-no-zone
          |     +--ro link-layer-address?   YANG:phys-address
          |     +--ro origin?               neighbor-origin
          +--ro ipv6!
             +--ro forwarding?   boolean
             +--ro mtu?          uint32
             +--ro address* [ip]
             |  +--ro ip               inet:ipv6-address-no-zone

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 4]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

             |  +--ro prefix-length    uint8
             |  +--ro origin?          ip-address-origin
             |  +--ro status?          enumeration
             +--ro neighbor* [ip]
                +--ro ip                    inet:ipv6-address-no-zone
                +--ro link-layer-address?   YANG:phys-address
                +--ro origin?               neighbor-origin
                +--ro is-router?            empty
                +--ro state?                enumeration

3.3.  RFC7224 provides:

   The set of YANG identity statement for the IANA defined interface

3.4.  RFC7317 provides:

   o  System Identification

   o  System Time Date

   o  NTP

   o  DNS Client

   System Identification

     +--rw system
     |  +--rw contact?          string
     |  +--rw hostname?         inet:domain-name
     |  +--rw location?         string
     +--ro system-state
        +--ro platform
           +--ro os-name?       string
           +--ro os-release?    string
           +--ro os-version?    string
           +--ro machine?       string

   System Time

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 5]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

     +--rw system
     |  +--rw clock
     |  |  +--rw (timezone)?
     |  |     +--:(timezone-name)
     |  |     |  +--rw timezone-name?     timezone-name
     |  |     +--:(timezone-utc-offset)
     |  |        +--rw timezone-utc-offset?   int16
     |  +--rw ntp!
     |     +--rw enabled?   boolean
     |     +--rw server* [name]
     |        +--rw name                string
     |        +--rw (transport)
     |        |  +--:(udp)
     |        |     +--rw udp
     |        |        +--rw address    inet:host
     |        |        +--rw port?      inet:port-number
     |        +--rw association-type?   enumeration
     |        +--rw iburst?             boolean
     |        +--rw prefer?             boolean
     +--ro system-state
        +--ro clock
           +--ro current-datetime?      YANG:date-and-time
           +--ro boot-datetime?         YANG:date-and-time

   DNS Client

     +--rw system
        +--rw dns-resolver
           +--rw search*    inet:domain-name
           +--rw server* [name]
           |  +--rw name    string
           |  +--rw (transport)
           |     +--:(udp-and-tcp)
           |        +--udp-and-tcp
           |           +--rw address    inet:ip-address
           |           +--rw port?      inet:port-number
           +--rw options
              +--rw timeout?    uint8
              +--rw attempts?   uint8

   User Authentication

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 6]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

     +--rw system
        +--rw authentication
           +--rw user-authentication-order*   identityref
           +--rw user* [name]
              +--rw name        string
              +--rw password?   ianach:crypt-hash
              +--rw authorized-key* [name]
                 +--rw name         string
                 +--rw algorithm    string
                 +--rw key-data     binary

4.  Additional YANG models

   In addition to the above RFCs, the baseline switch models needs to

   o  VLANs

   o  ACLs

   o  Syslog

   The following lists of IETF drafts sets our recommendation to cover
   the above three areas.

4.1.  VLAN and interface extensions:

   To handle VLANs and with related interface configuration the
   following YANG models are under evaluation.

   o  https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-netmod-intf-ext-yang-03

   o  https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-wilton-intf-vlan-yang-00.txt ##
      ACL To handle ACL configuration the following YANG model is under

   o  https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-netmod-acl-model-09

4.2.  Syslog

   To handle configuration and access to syslog the following YANG model
   is under consideration.

   o  https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-netmod-syslog-model-11

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 7]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

5.  Applicable Redfish system management models

   The following standard Redfish systems management models apply to the
   baseline network switch profile.  Reference: Redfish schema index
   [3].  The use of these Redfish management models allows a converged
   infrastructure manager to have a consistent view of server, storage
   and network systems.

   o  Chassis

   o  ComputerSystem

   o  Manager

   o  ManagerAccount

   o  Power

   o  Thermal

   o  SoftwareInventory plus UpdateService

   o  Event configuration using Event, EventDestination, and Event

   o  Access to logs using LogEntry, and LogService

   o  Management interface configuration using EthernetInterface and

   o  Console configuration using SerialInterface

   o  PrivilegeRegistery and Privileges

   Where YANG and Redfish overlap, the commonality of YANG vs Redfish is

6.  Overall Baseline Switch Profile Structure

   ... other redfish resource blocks...
   (resource from RFCs and Redfish bullet list, above)

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 8]

Internet-Draft                     I-D                        March 2017

7.  References

7.1.  Normative References

   [RFC2119]  Bradner, S., "Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate
              Requirement Levels", BCP 14, RFC 2119, March 1997.

7.2.  URIs

   [1] https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6020

   [2] https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6991

   [3] http://redfish.dmtf.org/redfish/schema_index

Authors' Addresses

   Joseph White
   Dell EMC

   Email: joseph.l.white@dell.com

   David Black
   Dell EMC

   Email: david.black@dell.com

   John Leung
   Intel Corporation

   Email: john.leung@intel.com

White, et al.          Expires September 9, 2017               [Page 9]