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      Report on the Experiment with IETF Operational Notes (IONs)


   This document is a report from the experiment with IETF Operational
   Notes (IONs), conducted by RFC 4693 in accordance with RFC 3933.  It
   also updates RFC 4693 and moves it to Historic status.

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INTERNET DRAFT                IONs Report                  March 8, 2011

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1.  Introduction

   This document is a report from the experiment with IETF Operational
   Notes (IONs), conducted by RFC 4693 [RFC4693] in accordance with RFC
   3933 [RFC3933].  It discusses the results of this experiment after
   first giving some background information on it in Section 2 and makes
   the appropriate conclusion.  This document updates RFC 4693 [RFC4693]
   and moves it to Historic status [RFC2026].

1.1  Terminology

   The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
   document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119 [RFC2119].

2.  Background

   IETF Operational Notes (IONs) are a series of documents established
   by RFC 4693 [RFC4693] on an experimental basis [RFC3933] in 2006.
   This series is (in accordance with RFC 4693 [RFC4693])

     intended for use as a repository for IETF operations documents,
     which should be more ephemeral than RFCs, but more referenceable
     than Internet-Drafts, and with more clear handling procedures than
     a random Web page.

   RFC 4693 [RFC4693] contains some regulations regarding this series,
   such as ION attributes, approval procedure, ION store considerations,
   etc.  It also proposes a set off initial IONs to be published and
   sets the sunset period [RFC3933] of 1 year.  See RFC 4693 [RFC4693]
   itself for more background information on this topic.

3.  Experiment Results

   After establishing the IONs series per RFC 4693 [RFC4693], a number
   of this document proposed by that document were published.  They
   include ION on sponsoring Individual submissions by ADs, ION on
   DISCUSS ballot criteria, ION on RFC 2026 [RFC2026] in practice, ION
   on subpoenas in the IETF and others.

   However in 2008 it was identified that IONs experiment was closed.

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INTERNET DRAFT                IONs Report                  March 8, 2011

     The IESG has determined that IONs will not be used in the future.
     It is clear that the IESG, IAB, and IAOC need the ability to
     publish documents that do not expire and are easily updated.
     Information published as web pages, including IESG Statements, are
     sufficient for this purpose.

   was mentioned in IESG note on this topic [IESG-IONS] by Russ Housley.

   Almost all of the IONs were republished as IESG statements (for
   example, ion-discuss-criteria was republished as IESG statement
   "DISCUSS Criteria in IESG Review" [DISCUSS]), Web Pages (for example,
   ion-subpoena was republished as IAOC Web Page "Subpoenas in the IETF:
   Procedures" [SUBPOENAS]) or other documents.  Some of them were also
   discarded (mostly those IONs that describe internal procedures for
   ION formatting, approval and store).  See [IESG-IONS] for a full

4.  Conclusion

   Taking everything into account, it is now considered that IONs were
   an excessive facility, that does not give a great benefit to the
   IETF.  This document formally concludes the IONs experiment
   [RFC4693].  The IONs series SHALL now be terminated; no new IONs MUST
   be either approved or published.

5.  Security Considerations

   IONs did not include protocol specifications and therefore
   terminating this series is not believed to have any impact on the
   Internet security.

6.  IANA Considerations

   None.  RFC Editor SHALL delete this section upon publication.

7.  Acknowledgments

   Many thanks to Harald Alvestrand for his work on RFC 4693.  I would
   also like to thank all the authors and editors of IONs for their
   input to the experiment.

8.  References

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INTERNET DRAFT                IONs Report                  March 8, 2011

8.1.  Normative References

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8.2.  Informative References

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Author's Addresses

   Mykyta Yevstifeyev
   8 Kuzovkov St., flat 25,


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