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INTERNET-DRAFT                                       M. Yevstifeyev, Ed.
Intended Status: Informational                              June 4, 2011
Expires: December 6, 2011

              Reserving 'xri' Scheme for URIs Mapped from
                 Extensible Resource Identifiers (XRIs)


   This document reserves the 'xri' Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
   scheme for URIs mapped from Extensible Resource Identifiers (XRIs)
   via its formal registration.

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   provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.

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Yevstifeye              Expires December 6, 2011                [Page 1]

INTERNET DRAFT         Reserving 'xri' URI Scheme           June 4, 2011

   described in the Simplified BSD License.

1. Introduction

   Extensible Resource Identifiers (XRIs) are a way of abstractly
   identifying a resource independently of any particular concrete
   representation of it.  They are designed to suit Requirements for
   Uniform Resource Names (URNs), laid out in [RFC1737], even though
   they are not URNs [RFC2141] themselves.

   The comprehensive XRI specification includes 3 documents:
   [XRISyntax], which is the normative technical specification of XRI
   generic syntax, [XRIResolution], which defines an optional HTTP-based
   resolution protocol for XRIs, and [XRIMetadata], which defines four
   namespaces under the XRI global context symbol "$" for common types
   of identifier metadata.  See [XRIIntro] for non-normative description
   of XRIs and [XRIFaq] for FAQ on XRIs.  XRI requirements and glossary
   are defined in [XRIReq].

   [XRISyntax], Section 2.3.1 specifies rules for transforming XRI
   references to URI [RFC3986] and Internationalized Resource
   Identifiers (IRIs) [RFC3987] references.  It mentions that URIs
   mapped from XRIs use the "xri" scheme name.  It has been noted that
   this scheme name is not officially registered with IANA, as described
   in [RFC4395].  This document removes the uncertainty by formal
   registration of the 'xri' URI scheme.

1.1. Community Consensus

   The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information
   Standards (OASIS) has the Technical Committee (TC), which is
   responsible for developing and maintaining XRI specifications, - XRI
   TC.  This document has been prepared for this TC and has received its
   excessive review, which revealed wide consensus of the TC's members.

   [IMPORTANT: Currently, this document is only a subject for the
   aforementioned review; the paragraph above actually does not
   represent TC consensus.]

2. Registration Template for 'xri' URI Scheme

   This section contains the registration template for 'xri' URI scheme,
   as required by [RFC4395].

     URI scheme name: xri

     Status: Permanent

Yevstifeye              Expires December 6, 2011                [Page 2]

INTERNET DRAFT         Reserving 'xri' URI Scheme           June 4, 2011

     URI scheme syntax: see Section 2.2 and 2.3 of [XRISyntax]

     URI scheme semantics: see [XRIResolution]

     XRI scheme encoding considerations: see Section 2.1 of [XRISyntax]

     Protocols that use the scheme: see [XRIResolution]

     Security considerations: see Section 3 of RFC xxxx

     Contact: {TBD}

     Author/Change controller: Organization for the Advancement of
     Structured Information Standards (OASIS)

     References: see Section 5 of RFC xxxx

   [RFC Editor Note: Please replace xxxx with number of this RFC]

3. Security Considerations

   Security considerations for XRIs are discussed in Section 3 of
   [XRISyntax] and Section 18 of [XRIResolution].

4. IANA Considerations

   IANA is asked to register the 'xri' URI scheme using the template of
   Section 2.

5. References

5.1. Normative References

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   [XRISyntax] Reed, D., Ed. and D. McAlpin, Ed., "Extensible Resource
               Identifier (XRI) Syntax V2.0", OASIS Committee
               Specification, November 2005.

5.2. Informative References

Yevstifeye              Expires December 6, 2011                [Page 3]

INTERNET DRAFT         Reserving 'xri' URI Scheme           June 4, 2011

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Authors' Addresses

   Mykyta Yevstifeyev (editor)
   8 Kuzovkov St., flat 25

   EMail: evnikita2@gmail.com

Yevstifeye              Expires December 6, 2011                [Page 4]