Minutes IETF100: dnsop

Meeting Minutes Domain Name System Operations (dnsop) WG
Title Minutes IETF100: dnsop
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Last updated 2017-11-15

Meeting Minutes

   DNSOP WG minutes
IETF 100, Singapore
Tim Wicinski and Suzanne Woolf, chairs
Minutes taken by Paul Hoffman
Material from the slides not reproduced here

Agenda Bashing, Blue Sheets

Updates of Old Work - Chairs

draft-ietf-dnsop-terminology-bis - Paul Hoffman
        Consider getting your assitants / colleagues / bosses who should
        understand the DNS more to review Alex Meyerhofer: Volunteers to review
        the whole document
                Maybe define "local anycast"
        St├ęphane Bortzmeyer: Disagrees with how Paul discussed QNAME in the
                We need to decice whether to roll back to old definition, or
                acknowledge that there are two definitions Paul: Do we
                acknowledge that some people are using the new one but most
                people are using the old one
        Suzanne: We should have a raffle: adopt-a-term
        Bill Manning: Terminology is not static
                People will come up with new terms over time
        Andrew Sullivan:
                No one thinks we're pouring concrete
                This is just like normal dictionaries
        Tim: This will be Standards Track whereas RFC 7719 was Informational

draft-ietf-dnsop-rfc5011-security-considerations - Wes Hardaker
    A bunch of comments from a few people
    New version coming out this week
    Should this be published at all?
        Need more opinions?
        George Michaelson: Disagrees with Ed about it's the wrong authors
                Struggles with the complexity of the math
                It's days, not seconds
        David Lawrence: Should be advanced, suprised that there is even a
                Focus on the words being said
        Joe Abley: Should be published, even though there is probably just one
        zone important
                Took something that was complicated, and made it more
                complicated Hasn't heard anyone say intervals is important,
                likes wall time better
        David Conrad: Thinks Ed meant that there should be more operator input
                Supports publication
                Prefers interval
        Mike StJohns: Root did two things he didn't contemplate
                Single trust anchor steady state
                Early signatures of things that make it in the wild
        Eric Osterweil: Good to publish because it is good to show perspectives
    More discussion on the list on interval vs. wall time

draft-ietf-dnsop-extended-error - Wes Hardaker
        Four choices for how to create the full error code
                Paul Hoffman: This didn't work well in HTTP, use choice 4
                Stephane: There might be errors that would cross mulitple
                categories Joe: First three need additional processing, so
                fourth is the only reasonable one Ralf Weber: Copying
                information we already have in the packet isn't a good idea
                Alex: IANA registry could also have the list of which RCODEs
                could be used together
        Stefan: For security, use DNS-over-TLS
        Eric: Security concern: it's OK as long as you think about what will
        cause an action based on error
                Don't use transport security
        Robert Story: Maybe use flags instead of code
                Wes: It could get really long
        Joe: This is definitely transport, not objects
                Codes are about transport
                Wes: Are we only doing things that are transport-specific?
        Stephane: Open question about whether to have informational messages

draft-ietf-dnsop-let-localhost-be-localhost - Tim
        Major issue is DNSSEC
        Suzanne: if the name needs to be signed, we would need to get it in the
        root Warren Kumari: Thinks that NXDOMAIN is a fine answer for what this
        needs Wes: We know that there are multiple naming systems, so NXDOMAIN
        is a good answer here
                This is outside the DNS, so fall back to one of your local
                resolution system
        Willem Toroop: FreeBSD jails need individual loopback addresses

draft-bellis-dnsop-xpf - Ray Bellis
        (No slides)
        Lots of feeback from last meeting, updated draft
        Already have one implementation: dns-dist
        Many have read the draft
        Sara Dickenson had raised privacy objections earlier

draft-fujiwara-dnsop-additional-answers - Kazunori Fujiwara
        Wes: This and mulitple-responses could be combined.
        Benno Overeinder: Good chart.
        Mukund Sivaraman: In BIND, moving away from large responses.
                Guessing what to add in a response wastes time
        Ondrej Sury: What are we actually saving?
                Addional answers increases complexity and overhead and DDoS
                vector Is this really helpful beyond bootstrapping or just low
        Ralf: All of this is solving a terribly small problem
                Cache hit rates are already so high
                Adds complexity to the code
        Dave: Still supports multi-QTYPEs
                Deployment is gradual because the client asks
        Jianking Yao: The WG is obviously issued in the topic
                Demonstrates cooperation of proposals
        Carl Anderson: Needs a cost-benefit analysis of how much more you get
        Jim Reid: Needs a cost-benefit analysis
                Tim: People like clients asking instead of servers telling
        Bill: This is a good venue for an attack profile
        Joe: The amount of bandwidth is so close to zero as to be free
        Davey Song: Need to think about IPv6 context for sizes
        Isabell (?): Happy to be reviewing
        Suzanne: Lot of interest in the general problem space
                Chart is very good to the point
                What problems do these proposals solve that are worth doing
                Who will work on use cases?
                        David Lawrence, Isabell
                Tim: we can start from the table and maybe add rows
                Ray: Found problems in the table
                Alex: If operator can do a cost simulation or a benefit
                simulation, that would be good

draft-mglt-dnsop-dnssec-validator-requirements - Daniel Migault
        Ralf: Thinks it is good work
        Jim: Revoking data in a cache because the key has gone bad is a bad idea
                Leave it as the TTL
                Don't add complexity to something already complex
        Joe: Agrees with Jim
                Still would like WG to pick up validator bootstrapping
                        Should be off to the side
        Eric: Also doesn't like the revoking in the draft
                Caching is separate
                Flushing a revoked key out of the cache could make it forgotten
        Russ Mundy: If there is a sudden revocation, everything associated with
        it should be flushed Wes: Can't imagine implementers wanting to keep
        the list of the keys so they can be flushed individually
                Doesn't see a viable mechanism for this
        Duane Wessels: Be careful with KSK / ZSK
                Work with people who just use one key for signing the zone
        Jim: What if the revoked key is for the root zone?
        Suzanne: Is it ready to consider adoption? Not clear outcome of the hum.

draft-huston-kskroll-sentinel - Geoff Huston
        Benno: Good job
                Can implement in a month
        Geoff: Leading underscore makes it a non-host name
        Ray: Question about how to tell difference between failure to resolve
        Ondrej: What should happen if the keytag is not a keytag?
                Geoff: Send back whatever you would have
        Warren: How hard is this to implement?
        David Conrad: Getting resolution sooner rather than later would be
        helpful on the review

draft-dupont-dnsop-rfc2845bis - Francis Dupont
        Not many people have read it yet.
        Mukund: Wants to see this
                2845 is unclear in a places
                Should remove deficiences from the 2845 text
        Tim: Once we open the document, we should do it fully

draft-wkumari-dnsop-internal - Warren Kumari
        Jim: Probably a good idea
                Not sure it is good idea to get a delegation
                Will get into ICANN policy
                Warren: Otherwise DNSSEC break
                        Maybe ask for the delegation in parallel
        Alain Durand: Mergers is not the only problem
                Referrals is another problem
        Joe: Doesn't think it needs a delegation
                Doesn't think there is any work for the IETF here
        Andrew: Agrees with Joe
                Requires process in a different organization: ICANN
                Get it out of here
        Olaf Kolkmann: Internationalization issues
        David Conrad: Why should this be thrown over to ICANN?
                Nominee for specal use registry
        Bernie Voltz: Reduce collisions by using your name
        Andrew: This is not a special-use name
                It is just for split horizon
        Warren: Maybe the IETF is not the right place for this discussion
        Edmond: This work should be at ICANN
                Board just started work through SSAC
        Stuart Cheshire: Don't put our head in the sand
                Maybe used for bootstrapping systems out of the box
                Other valuable use cases
        David Conrad: How is this different than .local in the special use
                SSAC work is orthogonal to this
                If done in ICANN, that suggests that it is DNS-related
                If done in special use registry, it could be done quickly
        John Levine: Differentiates whose issues it is

Closing commments - Tim
        draft-ietf-dnsop-terminology-bis: Shoot for Jan 15 for WG last call
        with reviews now draft-ietf-dnsop-rfc5011-security-considerations: New
        version coming out, do a short WG Last Call draft-bellis-dnsop-xpf: Joe
        and Sara will a review, then call for adoption Additional answers:
        Opens up the whole discussion of framing it
        draft-huston-kskroll-sentinel: If we can see some reviews this week, a
        call for adoption could be in the next couple of weeks Wes Hardaker has
        a demo of RFC 7706 automated updates draft-tariq-dnsop-iviptr: Ran out
        of time, but please review Stateful Operations: wants a WG Last Call in
        a few weeks