Minutes IETF100: stir

Meeting Minutes Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (stir) WG
Title Minutes IETF100: stir
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes - STIR - IETF 100 - Tue Nov 14 2017


- The agenda was bashed to remove discussion of draft-ietf-stir-passport-rcd,
  and to provide an update on the documents that are already in IESG processing.

- draft-ietf-stir-rph is in WGLC and the editor is addressing comments.

- The proposed changes to draft-ietf-stir-certificates were discussed, minor
  tweaks were suggested, but no issues or objections were raised. The changes
  will go through a new last-call.

- The room expressed strong support for adopting
  draft-wendt-stir-passport-shaken. The editor believes it is ready for WGLC.

- The core elements of the current architecture of draft-ietf-stir-oob were
  discussed. There were no concerns expressed with the direction the draft is
  heading. The editors will move forward with defining concrete protocols.

- Open issues in draft-ietf-passport-divert were discussed. The core of the
  discussion was the tradeoff of nesting vs re-encrypting when retargeting
  happens. The room landed on pursuing nesting. Optionally including the index
  from History-Info was discussed.

See the session recording at  for more detail.