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   calext minutes 22 March 2018

Started 11:03 am

Note Well reviewed



Alexey and Ken Murchison: Julian raised issues so it has gone Informational.
content disposition header issue should be brought to httpbis working group as
a question. Document has been in limbo quite a while so will probably return it
to the working group for another Last Call. Action: Ken to provide new
revision, then move back to WG.



Mike Douglass feels documents are pretty much ready to go. Need information on
implementations, experience with protocols. Mike will revise by mid-April, at
least 3 reviews expected. Plan to do this by end April


draft-ietf-calext-jscalendar: Robert Stepanek - FastMail

Calendating data model and exchange format using I-JSON. New semantics and
representation for calendaring data. 2-3 years feedback and revision from IETF
and CalConnect. Planning to issue minor update, go to WGLC before IETF 102.

Chair requests feedback on implementations on-list.



Alexey asks Ken Murchison about CalConnect. Ken says they are looking to speed
up the process of IETF review of CalConnect products.

Discussion of liaison relationship with CalConnect. This is a minor liaison
relationship that shouldn't require an RFC. Trying to get Last Call comments
from CalConnect members, but some of them are concerned with leaking
proprietary info. CalConnect needs to understand that if they want IETF
publication, they need to provide reviews.

Adjourned 11:39 am