Minutes IETF101: dnsop

Meeting Minutes Domain Name System Operations (dnsop) WG
Title Minutes IETF101: dnsop
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Last updated 2018-04-11

Meeting Minutes

IETF 101, London
Tim Wicinski and Suzanne Woolf, chairs
Minutes by Paul Hoffman

**Note:** Words from slides generally not reproduced here

## Session I

Chairs: Tim Wicinski and Suzanne Woolf

DOH WG update, David Lawrence
        WG Last Call after this meeting

WG update, Suzanne and Tim
        Wants more informed commentary on draft-ietf-dnsop-alt-tld
        Warren Kumari: DNSOP gets excited about getting docs started, but not
                Looking for volunteer for third chair

draft-ietf-dnsop-terminology-bis, Paul Hoffman
        WGLC currently planned for mid-april 2018
        Andrew Sullivan: Is this the right format for this?
                Maybe a wiki?

draft-ietf-dnsop-session-signal, Stuart Cheshire
        DNSSD is keen to see this finished
        Ready for IETF Last Call
        David Schinazi: Thinks it is ready to move forward

draft-ietf-dnsop-refuse-any, Joe Abley
        Thinks it's ready to go
        Tim: one-week WG Last Call coming soon

draft-ietf-dnsop-dns-capture-format, Jim Hague
        Tim: You are deployed at some root servers?
                Jim: Yes, using the -03 draft
                Get some differences resolved on the list?
        Jim Reid: Any progress on the IPR issues?
                Jim: No
                Tim: Gets dealt with up the chain
        Tim: Will go to WG Last Call soon

draft-ietf-dnsop-kskroll-sentinel, Warren Kumari
        Gotten lots of pull requests with text: yay!
        Thinks have addressed all outstanding concerns
        Suzanne: Would like to start WG Last Call as soon as possible

draft-ietf-dnsop-aname, Evan Hunt
        Some issues with the recursive side of the proposal with DNSSEC
        validation Propose splitting into authoritative behavior / recursive
                Having auth draft within a moth
        David Lawrence: Not crazy to split
                Separating would bring focus to each side
        Matthijs Mekking: Sane
                This affects vendors who have implemented other ideas
                Can see which features we want, will prevent missing some
                If we can cover vendor features in ANAME it is more likely to
        Sam Weiler: Splitting is unwise because we will find edge cases in one
        after we're done in the other Andrew Sullivan: Not clear an implentor
        would do if the documents are split
                Evan: The behavior of the resolver is optional
                Andrew: Understands the intention, but scared about edge cases
                        Terrified about drift between authoritative and
                        recursive Stretches the meaning of an RRtype if it is
                        different between the authoritative and recursive
        Tony Finch: Crazy
                Risk of missing edge cases if not thought through end-to-end
        Wes Hardaker: Must be moved forward together
                Should stay together, with good section numbering
        神明達哉 (Tatuya JINMEI): Splitting makes it look not serious
        Benno Overeinder: Same as Wes
                Offline signing needs to be explicit
        John Levine: Have you considered returning the original signatures?
                Evan: Send the improved answer in the Additional section
        Matthijs: Is OK to be shipped together
                Fix authoritative first, that will reduce the scope on recursive
        Suzanne: Please untagle
        Paul Hoffman: Let's talk about untangling before we start with the
        technical work Sam, Tony, Benno, Paul will help untangle

draft-jabley-dnsop-bootstrap-validator, Joe Abley
        Wes: Warren and he are working on something, should chat
        Paul Wouters: Would like to see RFC 5011 replaced with something else
                Joe: Draft is about trusting something
        Olafur Gudmundsson: Supports
        David Conrad: Strong support
        Geoff Huston: Supports this because we could go back to square zero
        Mike StJohn: We had this discussion before
                End up trusting a CA key
                Pushes off by one
                Joe: This is about manual
        Nick Johnson: Not sure we can trust CAs for longer than KSKs
                Joe: This draft can change the way that things are trusted
                        Might be more automatic
        Andrew: Finding the one true way is the wrong idea
                Good to write down this mechanism, but this is not the only way
                Mistake to try to make it all in the protcol
        Roland van Rijswijk-Deij: Publishing DS on t-shirts and videos by ICANN
                Joe: Also supposed
        Willim Toroop: Don't know when an application will need validation
                Run in userspace
                getdns uses this already
        Wes: This could be a full session at an IETF
                Joe: Could publish this and then deprecate
        Mike: Read up on the history, especially RFC 4986
                Don't push off the problem to someone else
                Joe: Has to handle boxes that are not managed
        George Michaelson: Pre-sign the next key?
        Tony: Had an early draft on the idea of seeing keys, maybe find a quorum
        Suzanne: Lots of early interest in specifying local policy

The DNS Camel, Bert Hubert

        Olafur: Advocating DNS diet?
                Apologize for older work
                Kill NSEC3, client-subnet
        Matthijs: Community should write documents explaining why some
        decisions were made
                Should focus more on reference implementation before
                standardization Don't have to implement everything
                        Bert: But don't do it halfway
                Kill small things
        Alain Durand: Push back on putting DNS on a diet
                Not limited to DNS
                Bert: In our industry, all features are free
                This is the price of success of the protocol
                Should have better process for developing new features
                        Also better tools for implementers
                Bert: Open source makes this difficult
        Petr Špaček: Vendors can work together to put implementations on a diet
        John Klensin: See RFC 8324 for things similar to this
        David Lawrence: What is the call to action?
                Back in the day had DNSSEC workshop to make things work
                together early How can implementers work together? Andrew tried
                to get a reconciliation of the 185 RFCs What metric do we need
                to know if we need to change to a new identifier system
        Andrew: IAB had a document that defined protocol success and wild
                Wild success isn't necessarily what you want
                        People use your protocol in ways you didn't expect
                DNS is "the database" that everyone wants to use
                Doesn't know how to stop the development
                Bert: If you give something a REST interface, everyone finds it
                shiny DOH WG might open ability for a new DNS
        Dan York: We are living with this success
                We are adding many features, such as DNS privacy
                Made a bad joke with the "b" word
                Need to get the operational community involved
        Benno: Doesn't know about an RFC diet
                Developer community should get more spine
                Listened to the users before implementing features
        JohnK: Maybe don't add feture until we have an omnibus document
                Not do new features until we have a cost justification
        Ondřej Surý: Did grow some spine with EDN workarounds
                Maybe we should create the smallest set of RFCs that are needed
                Bert: Would help write list "essential RFCs"
        Job Snijders: In router world, implementers have their own WG (IDR)
                Maybe this can be a way to find a diet
                GROW WG (for operators) advises IDR, sometimes say "no"
        神明達哉: Thinks of all proposals as implementer
                Situation not as black as presented, but still complicated
        Puneet Sood: Should have implementations when we have RFCs
                Also wants a collected RFC
                Wants a protocol evaluator / compliance testing tools
                Bert: Some testing tools exist
        David: Independing interoperable implementations used to be expected in
        the IETF
                Maybe bring it back
                DNSEXT got closed with the idea that operators in DNSOPS would
                be better We have done a bad job on moving our RFCs to Full
        Roland: Grow confidence to not fix other folks' bugs
                Bert: Wants to get paid
                Compliance list will help
                Bert: Maybe make non-compliant stuff run more slowly
        Shane Kerr: Should evolve the set of standards so we can fix and remove
        Peter Koch: Saddened if there was a new RFCs which lists which are
        important and which are not
                Purpose of standardization is not just to add features
                Architectural oversight
                Too much is done on the DNS when it can be done in other layers
        John: The ability to make a feature work is not suffient to be a
        standard Mark Andrews: Biggest problem is bad implementation Tim: TCP
        folks have been doing this piecemeal
                Not sexy
        Matthijs: What is the followup
                Tim: We come up with more ideas
                Suzanne: This talk informs the WG

## Second session,  2018-03-20
Chairs: Suzanne Woolf and Brian Haberman

draft-bellis-dnsop-xpf, Peter van Dijk
        Many people have have seen the draft
        PaulW: Wants otehr documents to handle privacy as well
        Andrew: Good document
                Straw for camel's back
        George: What if I was a bad actor? Am I going to get all the privacy
                Peter: Yes, if you are misconfigured
        Ray: Don't do that
                Only meant to the front of a server farm
                You have to be cooperating to be used
        神明達哉: Similar to other drafts
        Lars-Johan Liman: We can't rely on good behavior
        Ray: Would have to be misconfigured

draft-muks-dnsop-dns-catalog-zones, Ray Bellis
        Many people have have seen the draft
        Paul: Concerned that ISC is implmenting version 2 if it's going to
                Ray: Version 1 was not good, not sure about ISC past version 2
        Petr: Stretching DNS protocol too far
                Looks nice to be in-band
                Ray: Provisioning system, not a protocol
                        It's just data
                More like YANG
        Benno: Interesting to consider operator's needs
                Ray: Wants to hear more from Tim's co-worker
                Shouldn't over-stretch the protocol
                Ray: Some people are using this
        Tony: Is using this for experimental server
                Useful for stealth secondary servers
                Would like to be able to get list of zones that they are
                authoritative for
        Mukund: Operators can really use this
        Shane: Does too much and too little at the same time
                If you were going to design a protocol today, you wouldn't put
                it in the DNS
        Bert: PowerDNS has this
                It is outside the PowerDNS base
        John: Doesn't like the fact it is in the DNS
                Knot has a good set of features
        Brett Carr: Plan to use some immutable servers at Nominet
                Also considers using Ansible
        Andrew: We are creating a camel farm
        Hum: Evenly split

draft-huque-dnsop-multi-provider-dnssec, Shumon Huque
        Lots have read the document
        David: It is mistake for anyone to have a single vendor
                Multi-vendor is really important for the resilience of the
        Karl: Likes model #2
                Shumon: No one is doing this currently
                        DNSKEY response will be larger
        Wes: This is needed for DNSSEC to be well-deployed
                Dislike split DNS
        Matthijs: Read it, likes it
                Not BCP
        Lars-Johan: Agrees with Matthijs
        Dan: Agrees
        Jim: Disagrees that this will help
                Are there any customers who are asking for it?
                Another straw for the camel
                Shumon: We are a large customer
                We need to build interest in customers signing first

draft-mekking-mixfr, Matthijs Mekking
        George: There is mathematics to prove that some sets of changes are
                There is a lot work already done on that math
        Frederico Neves: Thinks this good work
                Is an improvement to the current protocol
                Helps with shorter waits for updates
        Shane: Thinks this is a terrible idea and should have a different

draft-gavrichenkov-dnsop-dnssapi, Artom Gavrichenkov
        Tom Peterson: Should possibly use DOH
                Artom: Not changing the way that stuff is transported
        Petr: This feels like Not Invented Here syndrome
                Use something like YANG