Minutes IETF103: cdni

Meeting Minutes Content Delivery Networks Interconnection (cdni) WG
Title Minutes IETF103: cdni
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Meeting Minutes

   CDNI Working Group 11/6/2018 in Thailand

Phil Sorber and Kevin Ma chairing

        * URI signing - Phil Sorber
                * ready for working group last call * Chris Lemmons: May want
                to consider better error handling instead of always responeding
                with 403
                        * redirect to a location to get an updated token
                        * people should respond on the mailing list to the
        * HTTPS Delegation - Frédéric Fieau
                * calling for adoption * hum - to adopt the draft?
                        * people hummed for yes
                        * no one hummed for no
        * Request Routing Extensions - Ori Finkelman
                * redirect location construction - should it be an object or an
                        * going to take it to the mailing list
        * Triggers Extentions - Ori Finkelman
                * local time triggers
                        * how to represent the time?
                                * decision needs to be made
                * call for adoption
                        * does it require a re-charter?
                * Kevin Ma: will do a review of the updated draft
                * hum - adopt the Triggers Extensions document?
                        * people hummed for adoption
                        * no one hummed against adoption
        * Re-Chartering - Kevin Ma
                (last slide) * adding new milestone and not going to recharter

        * Action items - Kevin Ma
                * People should read and review documents