Minutes IETF104: calext

Meeting Minutes Calendaring Extensions (calext) WG
Title Minutes IETF104: calext
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Last updated 2019-03-26

Meeting Minutes

   calext wg, IETF 104

Announcement: Barry taking over as responsible AD for WG from Alexey

    Bron now shepherd, awaiting AD approval (Alexey)
    Bron to talk to Julian as proxy for Ken.
    Alexey will try to review the diff.

    Alexey needs to check changes against his review. (update: comments were not addressed)
    Will take up comments with author
    Barry and Alexey will then work out who takes it forward (IETF Last Call)
JSCalendar (Robert Stepanek)
•	Substantial last call input
•	time zones allow custom time zones
•	Richer models for locations, localized content for descriptions
•	Handling of unknown iCalendar fields?
•	Next steps?
•	Robert pushing v13 up to IETF repo this week, no need to repeat WG LC because of small size of WG.
•	Should tzdist work (draft-murchison-tzdist-geolocate) be taken on in this group?
•	Chairs to contact Eliot Lear, see if he wants to co-chair (Alexey leaning to separate WG)
•	Barry points out need to make TZ work more visible by being in separate WG.
CalConnect work:
    2 drafts (Vpoll, subscription upgrade) in good shape to bring to IETF
    Next calconnect in London, but following one in Philadelphia which is local for Barry
    Bron to send call for adoption to mailing list
•	Bron sent out draft charter a while back.
•	json vcard? (just discussed in dispatch)
•	Barry prefers either separate WG or jmap as home for that work
•	Barry is happy with draft charter with minor wording changes.

Adjourned 12:05