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Meeting Minutes

MAPRG IETF 104 Thuesday 28 March 2019

Notes by Brian Trammell

Heads-up talk: Micro Dependability Measurements - Olav Kvittem

Performance of web protocols over satellite links - Joerg Deutschmann

Aaron Falk: Can you say something about the services the operators are offering
here? Joerg: COmparable pricepoints, 20-30Mb down. No information about how the
operator network was built at layer 2, this would explain differences

Praveen Balasubramanian: Can you do TCP measurement without going through the
pipe? Joerg: Not as an end user, there is a UDP dela

Giovane Moura: Any public measurement platforms like Atlas that are on
satellite? Joerg: We have an Atlas probe

Gabriel Montenegro: Work to make QUIC satellite-aware; did you experiment with
those mechanisms, or is this off the shelf QUIC? Joerg: Off the shelf.

DNS Observatory - Pawel Foremski & Oliver Gasser

Alex Meyrhofer: function that allows me to estimate traffic change by TTL
change? Oliver: already planned

Peter: Happy Eyeballs generates lots of no data, might it make sense if servers
split nodata and nxdomain? Oliver: Yes.

Brian Trammell: can we see DNSSEC^RPKI as well please?

EDNS Compliance Status of Resolvers - Jeisson Sánchez

Peter Van Dijk: You're testing with +noreq, which might not test EDNS.
The number of refused makes me sad. I have DNS Flag Day stickers.

John Reid?: Can you correlate behavior you found with cohorts like
consumer/business ISPs, vendors? Are raw data available?

Tale Lawrence: One thing about REFUSED answers is that REFUSED is overloaded.
For client-subnet, REFUSED means no extension, come back without. Don't know if
any major resovler vendors do chain query. Have you looked at Mark Andrews'
work here?

Mirja: Can you send updated data to the mailing list, or send additional
information there?

FloodBox - Runa Barik

Jen Linkova: how do you define links between ASs? there are aliasing issues at
peering link. Runa: We do see cases like this.

Gorry: You talked about CS0 on the first slide, and CS1 later.
Runa; All latency improvement is relative to CS0.
Gorry: That's fun. Relevant for LE data point

Native SCTP, DCCP, UDP-Lite and Home Gateway NATs - Runa Barik

Ian Swett: What was the timeout for dl5 on slide 8?
Runa: 30 seconds

Gorry: I like pseudoheader checksums. Did you try the CCO trick?
Runa: No.