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Minutes IETF105: alto

Meeting Minutes Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (alto) WG
Title Minutes IETF105: alto
State Active
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Last updated 2019-08-07

´╗┐IETF 105 ALTO Meeting Minutes

Note taker: Jensen Zhang.
Jabber scribe: Matt Stock

Working group summary:

1/ Current emphasis is on finishing milestones.  Chairs to divide remaining WG
deliverables between them move the work ahead from an administrative
   * XDOM: Ball is back in IESG and AD.  Sebastian has attended to comments
   from first IESG review. * Cost-calendar finished second WGLC.  vkg to move
   this ahead. * SSE done; ready for second WGLC.

2/ Neither of the chairs will be in Singapore IETF in the fall.  However, the
chairs can arrange for a virtual interim before Singapore, or have someone else
chair the Singapore meeting with the chairs providing logistical support.

3/ The CDNI document is ready to be last called.  Since the work started in the
CDNI group, the chairs will reach out to the CDNI WG mailing list during last
call of the document in the ALTO WG.