Minutes IETF105: lsvr

Meeting Minutes Link State Vector Routing (lsvr) WG Snapshot
Title Minutes IETF105: lsvr
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Meeting Minutes


Welcome (10min)

a.       (Chairs)
Victor starts session and introduce the LSVR session

Call to action (5min)

a.       YANG importance
         by Ignas Bagdonas (OPS-AD)

Ignas: reinforces the need for a YANG model for LSVR
Keyur: There is no in IDR jus yet, so we plan to do the work here and re-use in
IDR Ketan: agree with Keyur. Config model needs AF based models Ignas: we need
service model and element model, and how to do that can the WG decide.

b. Update of draft-ietf-lsvr-l3dl-02 (15min)
Presented by Austein

Keyur: ULP is like a BGP discovery
Paul Congdon: How big is the signature
Austein: It depends on the algorithm, but it is not huge
Paul: Do you consider VLAN as overlay/underlay?
Keyur: This is assuming if a server has over/undelay and then we need a bit to
differentiate between over and underlay Paul: LLDP benefit is that it runs
under the VLAN Keyur: aske if Paul can send that question out on the mailing

c.       Update on IEEE/LLDPv2 (30min)
         (by Paul Congdon)

John Scudder: nice elevator pitch. Want to see the spec and read it
Paul: It is a WG draft document, which is PW protected, but easy to ask IEEE
Task group member and get access Paul: The Task Force will be easy to accept
feedback and comments to be integrated. xxxx: There is no draft to read just
need, as it needs draft contributions

d. Update of draft-ietf-lsvr-bgp-spf-05 (20min)
          (by Keyur Patel)

One implementation is available, and second one on its way
start interop once the opensource implementation is available

Closing by Victor:
    probing for interest to review documents
    About 6 a 7 people showed hands
    The YANG needs to be pevolved also and get into shape
    Further follow up will happen on WG email alias