Minutes IETF105: nfsv4

Meeting Minutes Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4) WG
Title Minutes IETF105: nfsv4
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Meeting Minutes

NFSv4 Working Group
July 25, 2019
13:30 - 15:30 (Thursday) - Sainte-Catherine

Note Well - Beepy
Agenda Bashing - All

Agreed to agenda. Spencer pushed all the latest slides.

=== Topic [NFSv4], Who: Dave Noveck, Duration: 20 minutes

      Network File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 Protocol

See slides.

Trunking history and mechanism. RFC 7931.

We need to read and comment on rfc5661sequi-msns. Submit -01 next week and hope
to move document forward.

Noveck is asking about implementation experience in trunking. fs_locations_info
is not implemented says Lever. Linux client doesn?t support trunking at all,
NetApp can do some, Solaris will not support.

Transparent state migration is only on Solaris, and Solaris supports 4.1. Linux
client supports transparent state migration in 4.0 and 4.1 (pretty close to
spec in the Linux server). VMware is implementing 4.1 support, but we don?t
know status - they were asking questions of Sorin on trunking.

=== Topic [RPC-o-TLS], Who: Chuck Lever, Duration 15 minutes
      Remote Procedure Call Encryption By Default

New work since the last meeting a year ago. Proposal to update security for the
21st century.

See article LWN on tunneling NFS. Chuck wants to simply add privacy to the
protocol. And cryptographic authentication. See slides - in secondary benefits
separate out machine to machine authentication/encryption from user id.
Prototype has been demonstrated. Hammerspace has a prototype.

Need a short document explaining all this.

AI: Add milestone for document.

SECDIR review should be done - Lars (not expecting problem). WG Chair to push
SECDIR review button

=== Topic [RPC-o-RDMA Version 2], Who: Chuck Lever, Duration 10 minutes

This got backburnered by RPC-over-TLS.

Still a personal draft, would like to move forward.

Issues on size and capabilities of transport.

See slides.

AI: Make working group document before feature - moving it to -00.

=== Topic [Integrity Measurement], Who: Chuck Lever, Duration 15 minutes
      Integrity Measurement for Network File System version 4

?Not again.? :-)

Lever added use case description to motivate the feature.

See slides. Have support for legacy clients that do not understand integrity.

AI: Add milestone and date.

=== Topic [Milestone Review], Who: Dave Noveck, Duration 20 minutes
      Dec 2019  Submit final document defining RPC-over-RDMA Version 2 (as
      Proposed Standard) Sep 2019  Submit final document describing pNFS RDMA
      Layout (as Proposed Standard) Jun 2019  Submit final document describing
      CM private data convention for RPC-over-RDMA version 1 (Informational)
      Mar 2019  Submit final document describing Transparent State Migration in
      NFSv4.1 (as Proposed Standard) Mar 2019  Submit final document describing
      NFSv4.1 trunking discovery (as Proposed Standard) Nov 2018  Submit final
      document describing NFSv4.0 trunking discovery (as Proposed Standard) Jun
      2018  Submit final document describing use of NVMe in accessing a pNFS
      SCSI Layout (as Proposed Standard) Jun 2018  WGLC for
      draft-ietf-nfsv4-migration-issues (Informational)

NVME and pNFS is stalled.

Trunking and State Migration move date to Oct 2019.

CM Private Data - expect 9/2019.

RDMA Layout not achievable by 9/2019.

RPC-over-RDMA probably achievable (?) by 12/2019.

???-xtensions not being pursued. No flex-files pursuit.

AI: Beepy to discuss NVME document with Hellwig. And next steps. And the RDMA
document - DROP IT. :-/ Issue at transport level - permissions to access
layouts. Check to see if we will keep on milestones.

=== Topic [Discuss rfc5661bis], Who: Dave Noveck, Duration 15 minutes

7530 is the bis for 4.0 - fixed internationalization and security, said it is
fixed in 4.1 also, but doc was never updated.

AI: take to mail list separate I18N and Security separate docs for 4.1 -
Haynes, Shepler, beepy, Magnus.

Remove unused features in doc. Sanitation.

=== Topic [Data Reduction Extended Attributes], Who: Sorin Faibish, Duration 15

      Data Reduction Extended Attributes in nfsv4 Version 2

XATTR for data reduction.

See slides. Bring to alias.

=== Topic [Layout_wcc], Who: Thomas Haynes, Duration 10 minutes

Wants to make working group item.

AI: Add documents to the milestones when we update.