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Minutes IETF106: 6tisch

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Minutes IETF106: 6tisch
State Active
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Last updated 2019-11-24

Meeting        :   IETF106 Friday November 22nd, 2019
Venue          :   Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore
Time           :   10:00 to 12:00, during Morning session I (120 minutes)
Location       :
Chairs         :   Pascal Thubert
                   Mališa Vučinić
                   Thomas Watteyne (remote)
Responsible AD :   Suresh Krishnan
Live minutes   :
Live feeds     :

Other URLs     :

on Friday November 22nd from 10:00 to 12:00, during Morning session I in room

= 6TiSCH =
6TiSCH met for around 90 minutes at AM1 on Friday. A status was made that
indicates that all work items are complete or reaching completion. Some
possible new work was proposed but no decision was taken in towards
rechartering. The most probable outcome is that the WG will not meet again. The
WG will continue its activity on the mailing list to follow the current WG docs
to completion, and the ML will stay open for maintenance.

The WG meeting covered 4 drafts:

* `draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture`is complete but held in MISSREF.
* `draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-security` going through IESG review. Some issues
left. * `draft-ietf-6tisch-msf`: authors presented implementation results.
Chairs will submit for publication once a final review is done by Yatch. *
`draft-ietf-6tisch-enrollment-enhanced-beacon`was submitted for publication. *
`draft-tiloca-6tisch-robust-scheduling` was also discussed in the end. IEEE was
contacted but the proposal failed to raise interest so far. We will follow up
on the ML.


10:00 Intro and Status                       (Chairs)           [10mn]
   * Note-Well, Blue Sheets, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
   * Status Documents
   * Status 6lo / ROLL
   * Milestones
   * Action Plan
What is next for the WG?
It is good time to discuss now about future work
6lo has two documents:
new draft but beyond 6TiSCH
6tisch has many dependent to roll WG.
zero touch maybe move to anima or other WG.

10:10 Architecture
   * draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture         (Pascal Thubert)    [10mn]
most accomplised work. Include direction or futurework.
did a lot of work in security section.
extended to various form of diversity.
too many references. clarify the nomative. 6-7 document are misRefs. need to be
RFC first. Raw is maybe next piece of 6tisch, but not specific. No questions

10:20 Minimal Security
   * draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-security     (Malisa Vucinic)    [30mn]
RFC review has been received.
new subsection of ACN attack.
IESG review received
There are open issues discussed
Suresh: Adam had suggestion for uri instead of /j
SUresh: also, how do you handle sub-domains.
Malisa: this was addressed, MCR put text in the draft.

Suresh:discuss or done?
Malisa: done in ML. simple matter

about the traffic analysis, its protected in layer 2.

Tero: Some option for issue of use of secExempt

Pascal: not change INL section?
Malisa: not change

10:50 Michael's drafts                      (Michael Richardson)
   * draft-ietf-6tisch-dtsecurity-zerotouch-join                [ 5mn]
   * draft-ietf-6tisch-enrollment-enhanced-beacon               [ 5mn]
presented by Diego Dujovne remotely
So far stable maybe ready for move

11:00 Dynamic Scheduling
   * draft-ietf-6tisch-msf                  (Tengfei Chang)remotely

issue about collision of cell used by parent and child at the same time.
Pascal: DIS or DIO are prime cause of collision in network formation.
Improvements will be in the future to avoid this. : Suresh: would like more
reviews in order to push it forward. Suresh: if you like it and have no
particular comment, just say so on the mailing list. Suresh: Tengfei, send the
implementation details for them to appear in the shepherd writeup. Ryan: also
MSF was implemented in 6TiSCH simulator. Malisa: Yatch says he will review the
draft and send comments to the ML.

11:20 Rechartering vs. Soft Landing         (Chairs)            [30mn]
Pascal: two pieces of work were suggested and not completed: scheduling time
slots along track, shuffling cells to mitigate jamming attacks. Eric and Suresh
suggest just keep the WG open to follow the progres of existing docs, no need
for further meeting. Ssuresh: I see this heading for closure rather than
rechartering. Pascal: trying to create RAW WG to continue work on this Marco:
15.4 doesn't define how schedule allocation is built. Rekeying as a tool for
rescheduling, definitely not going to happen at IEEE. Malisa: Suresh: Marco, do
you think you can split pieces of the jamming draft to highlight what needs to
happen here? Pascal: discussed a lot on jamming last time. Can't remember the
details of this discussion. Seem to remember we needed some action from IEEE to
make this work. Suresh: Marco, start thread on ML to see if there is interest
and energy on this. We are not closing the WG now, maybe util a year. Marco:
there was interest and three good reviews on this in the WG. Asked for
adoption, the call never started. Pascal: re: the scheduling of cells, we
wanted to define it here, mostly information model. Here or IEEE? Gray area.
Mommentum lost. People not contributing. Suresh: don't discuss the technical
details here. Go on the list, see if there's an intereest and we'll decide on
the WG after that. Pascal: rekeying. Confused about why we need work on this.
Marco: if nodes leave, we need to distribute new permutation keys for this
mechanism. The draft already descibes how those keys can also be distributed
via CoJP when new link keys are distributed. In the list, Malisa, Michael R.
and I had a first discussion on how the network nodes can shift from the old
permutation keys to the new ones, so addressing and limiting the co-existance
of old/new permuted schedules. There is no chance for this to be defined in
IEEE. Malisa: interaction between minimal-security (which has rekeying) and
anti-jamming mechanism by Marco. Marco: not intention to modify existing
minimal-security. Could have both mechanisms integrated. Yichao:
interoperability. Any plan for plugtest? Tengfei: yatch is doing something
about interoperability. Diego: what about new SF is they were ever to appear?
Pascal: ML kept open. Just no meeting expecting to happen next time. Suresh:
right, default is to keep WG dormant. Depending on new activity, may continue.
pascal: 6tisch has been very interesting experience. Many opensource
implementation. also many related WG. Pascal: thanks to the ADs and particapnts.

Any Other Business                          (Chairs)            [ QS ]

[11:12] meeting closed