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Minutes IETF106: bess: Tue 15:20

Meeting Minutes BGP Enabled ServiceS (bess) WG
Title Minutes IETF106: bess: Tue 15:20
State Active
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Last updated 2019-12-18

1.  Working Group Status                                  Chairs               
 15 min

AD reviews:
        Nh-bgp control under review
        Vpls-mh under review

* WGLC queue would be started processing after this draft.
* WG adoption call would start for documents in queue
Yang models:

Himanshu:  l2vpn & even no progress. And it would be finished ASAP. Trying to
get input from all of the authors and update the document.  No help needed from
WG of now. If needed, authors would reach

2.  draft-ietf-bess-evpn-igmp-mld-proxy-04                Mankamana Mishra     
  5 min * NLRI change discussed. * Two types of implementation exist in field *
Authors to have more discussion and come up with final plan.

3.  draft-ietf-bess-evpn-irb-extended-mobility            Neeraj Malhotra      
  5 min

* different mobility procedures is defined in this draft.
* draft is updated for faster convergence
* ready for WGLC. It is already in queue.

4.  draft-ietf-bess-evpn-unequal-lb                       Neeraj Malhotra      
  5 min

* been presented multiple times.
* minor update in 4.4 utilizing HRW.
* Ready for WGLC

5.  draft-malhotra-bess-evpn-pe-ce-00                     Neeraj Malhotra      
  5 min

* first presented in IETF Prague . Name has changed some time.
* defines PE-CE control plane.
* new use case added to this document to carry SLA value.
* name changes was to be in sync with all lose draft which are now called as
l3dl. * document under progress.

6.  draft-brissette-bess-evpn-l2gw-proto-05               Luc Andre            
  5 min

* updated based on input during last IETF.
* document is mature & ready for adoption.

7.  draft-brissette-bess-evpn-mh-pa-04                    Luc Andre            
  5 min

* new details added based on feedback.
* all of the feedback addressed till now.
Document is confusing. He is going to provide more detail in list.
Will work offline.

Suggestion was to remove MAC flush extended community. Need to remove it. 
Jorge will provide more feedback.

8.  draft-dunbar-bess-bgp-sdwan-usage                     Linda Dunbar         
 10 min

* feedback received from list & last IETF.
* ready for adoption
* request for feedback in list.

9   draft-litkowski-bess-vpnv4-ipv6-nh-handling-00        Stephane litkowski   
 10 min * follow up from last IETF in Montreal. Martin: It was much needed. Not
aware of involving lawyers for IETF.

Its reasonable plan. If there is any implementation which does 5549 compliance
how are going to handle. Do we need to talk to some lawyer to take input. If
standard changes, it might change market situation. We have to make sure there
is no compliance implantation out in market. This would generate new RFC with
new RFC number.

We should do this work.
This is good work. we should ASAP.
None of the interop broken today, it exist for many years. So it would be good
to assume none of the implementation compliance to 5549.


May be new draft and update 5549