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Minutes IETF106: bess: Wed 15:20

Meeting Minutes BGP Enabled ServiceS (bess) WG
Title Minutes IETF106: bess: Wed 15:20
State Active
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Last updated 2019-12-18

1.  draft-zwm-bess-es-failover-01                         Sandy                
 10 min * BFD for ES failure Mankamana:  multi-hop BFD, how to make sure we do
not go to dual DF mode for intermediate failure. Greg * path change & ES.
Change can not be differentiated. Stephen: One BFD session per ES Sandy : Yes
Luc: there is one more document which handles fast ES failure. Sandy: Yes
Jorge: On remove peer we still depend on BGP., for unicast we do not get much
benefit and it might get some benefit for BUM. Sandy: Yes Himanshu: Problem is
real.  BFD might be useful. For multi-hop BFD timer have to be little longer. 
Instead of LSP ping, use ES-route to get discriminator.

Having BFD session with remote, would it make sense ?

Acee: seamless BFD can be better solution.

Greg: there is issue with S-BFD. S-BFD does not have expectation on guaranteed
failure detection.

Stephen: From WG it would be recommend to read other draft mentioned by Luc and
see if we can have single solution.

2.  draft-pzm-bess-spring-interdomain-vpn-00              Sandy                
  5 min

Is this intended to also used for EVPN. You should include procedure for
There is already draft which covers all of this case . It covers across island .
Agrwal draft contains only generic case. This draft covers more detail.
To take it offline.

3.  draft-nr-bess-evpn-mh-split-horizon-02                Jorge Rabadan        
 10 min * document is ready for adoption

4.  draft-brissette-bess-evpn-vpws-seamless-00            Luc Andre            
 10 min Jorge: It would be good to have mailing list. If there are some
implementation with other solution then we need to take look.  Feedback on
mailing list is needed.

Same comments as Jorge. We should not add any restriction.

Haibo:  What to do when one multi home peer is Legacy & another is hybrid.
Luc: we will check and add more detail,.

5.  draft-lin-bess-evpn-bgp-based-l2vpn-seamless-integ-00 Wen lin              
 10 min Luc: There are two approaches, and authors are aware that it need to be
merged. Haibo: MAC pinning is not clear. To discuss offline & have some
discussion . PW redundancy how to we handle. Wen: This is just extension to
RFC, did not cover all the cases. Jorge: This Mac pinning solution also gets
load balancing between different PW.

Single solution is needed.  It need to merge with single document.

6.  draft-wsv-bess-extended-evpn-optimized-ir-02          Wen lin              
  5 min

* updated version
* implementation exist
* ready for adoption
Are you looking for IPR free solution or it is non go.
Chairs: do not care

7.  draft-drake-bess-enhanced-vpn-02                      Adrian Farrel        
 10 min

Talked lot of about filter, can you first provide detail about what are
attributes. I assume it means BGP-LS attributes. Will we be combining it with
Flow spec. Alderin: Yes it might be combined.

BGP-LS is north bound protocol. In this proposal does south bound protocol . I
do not think it is good idea. May be having different AFI-SAFI would be
helpful. Recommendation is to have different AFI-SAFI. Alderin: May be its good
idea. Stephene: Its really similar to multi topology draft. Alderin: Yes, its
similar to multi-topology. Stephene: Do you need to look at each node at DHCP
to find out which topology we need to forward. Alderin: Only edge node looks
the stuff. Core node only know how to forward. Stephene: I am worried about
version number with topology. It might hit convergence number. Alderin: Yes.
Wim: Goal is to distribute separate topology in same VPN.  How does bandwidth
based use case would be achieved. Alderin: Can not be shared. Wim: How does
bandwidth allocation work in distributed manner.  Is it with segment routing ?
Alderin: Yes, controller is going to help it.

For operator , how can we use this service difference between this and current

Difference between operational state & intended state.

8.  draft-mohanty-bess-evpn-bum-opt                       Satya Mohanty        
 10 min

* Presented in IETF some times back.
* address all the comment during last IETF.
* draft changed as informational