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Title Minutes IETF106: homenet
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Meeting Minutes

IETF 106 homenet Minutes
* Singapore
* 2019-11-18 15:00 - 15:30
* Meeting Room: VIP A

Chairs: Barbara Stark, Stephen Farrell
Jabber: Tim Wattenberg
Notes: Barbara Stark, Tim Wattenberg
Chairs presented slides:

No Agenda Bashing

Some comments made before Daniel started:

Ted Lemon: Has running code for the homenet naming stuff.....
Stuart Cheshire: HNCP can establish numbering and routing between Thread and

Daniel Migault presented slides:

Daniel: Expecting to have a review and closes to WGLC.

Ted: Why should names be resolvable inside the homenet when the Internet is

Daniel: It's while you're home and not when you're away.

Michael Richardson: You don't want to use home.arpa because the certificates
won't match up. We want names to resolve correctly.

Ray: Reiterating what Mike said, it's important to have the same names across
all domains.

on slide where Daniel asks whether synchronization channel needs to be secured

Stephen Farrell: DPRIV WG has some work on securing various channels.

Daniel: Yes it's all over TLS.

Ray Bellis: Why don't you use CDS instead of DS?

Ray Hunter: The certificate establishes trust.

Ray Hunter presented slides:

Ted: Delighted to see Ray working on this. Hope to have chance to work with Ray
on this before the next IETF. I don't think things are really going in
direction of needing flash space to make this all work. Worrying about
footprint is not that important. But do need to deal with primary/secondary.

Michael Richardson: I agree with Ted. The devices on the fiber connections are

Ray Hunter: Great feedback. We would expect $30 devices to participate in