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Minutes IETF106: ntp

Meeting Minutes Network Time Protocols (ntp) WG
Title Minutes IETF106: ntp
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Last updated 2019-11-21

NTP Session
IETF 106 - Singapore
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
10:00-12:00 (UTC+08:00)
Meeting Minutes

WG chairs: Karen O'Donoghue, Dieter Sibold
Meeting minutes: Tal Mizrahi#
Jabber: Rich Salz

Chair Slides
Presenter: Karen O'Donoghue

- Note well was presented.
- The agenda for the current session was presented.
- Two documents were sent for publication: the packet timestamp draft, and the
NTS draft. - The Mode 6 draft is ready for a shepherd write-up as historic. -
The NTP Yang data model is ready for WG last call. - The interleaved mode draft
- WG last call was performed, and it still needs to be resolved where this
draft is going. - Two drafts recently adopted by the WG: Roughtime, and Chronos.

Port Randomization Draft
- The presenter is absent.
- Any further issues - to be discussed on the mailing list.

On Implementing Time
Presenter: Willem Toorop

- The motivation for this draft started from the impact of NTP on DNS.
- The current version reflects some of the comments about the previous versions.
- Adopted as a working draft.

- Karen: who can commit to review the document?
- A few hands raised.
- Karen: please review the document and send comments to the list.
- Karen: the authors should submit the document with a draft-ietf-... title.

Network Time Security (NTS)
Presenter: Dieter Sibold

- NTS has been tested in several IETF hackathons already.
- Several NTS implementations are publicly available.

- Rich Salz: is it early to include it in Linux distributions?
- Dieter: the NTPsec is pretty stable. Maybe it is a question to the people at
NTPsec. - Sanjeev Gupta: the version of NTPsec that supports NTS is already in
the Debian distribution. - Karen: it was important for us to include
information about deployment.

NTPv5 Discussion
- Karen: some of the key people are not present. Please take a look at the NTP
Wiki. We have committed to work on NTPv5. - Tal Mizrahi: is there a goal in
terms of timeline? - Karen: not yet. There is a roadmap for closing TICTOC, and
NTP re-chartering will follow, including defining the timeline. - Karen: we
need to put the pieces together in terms of requirements.

TICTOC Discussion
- Karen: the plan was to close the working group. In the meantime, Jose
submitted an updated draft (Synchronizing Internet Clock Frequency). - Karen:
the enterprise profile document should be submitted to the IESG for
publication. - Jose Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin: the current draft includes a
change in the timestamp format - we currently use the NTP time format. We are
looking for more comments. The idea of the draft is to allow synchronization of
endpoints. It is different than NTP and allows frequency synchronization. NTP
servers are not always available in some places in the world. The current
proposal can allow more accurate synchronization without relying on NTP
servers. - Karen: we can move the draft to the NTP working group, but we cannot
adopt it until we re-charter. It would be helpful if people review it. It is
not very long. Is anyone willing to review the document? - No hands raised. -
Karen: a couple of folks who were willing to review are not present. We will
revisit this draft in the next virtual meeting.

IEEE 1588 Status Update
Presenter: Karen O'Donoghue

- IEEE 1588 version 2.1 was approved for publication in November 2019.
- The security approach in the new revision includes a description of a set of
mechanisms and guidance. The specific mechanism depends on the specific IEEE
1588 profile that is used. - NTS may be used in future versions of IEEE 1588. -
Suresh: does the IEEE expect guidance from us about how to use IPsec? - Karen:
not necessarily. The standard describes use cases where IPsec is used in
networks that use 1588. - Suresh: it may be useful if someone from the security
area would review it. - Karen: not at this point, since the standard was
approved for publication. It has been reviewed by security experts.

- Karen: virtual interims are useful, and we will probably have one in January.
- Karen: please review documents.

Adjourned at 10:37.