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Meeting Minutes

# Security Area Open Meeting (SAAG) - IETF 106

* Thursday, November 21, 2019, 13:30-15:30
* Location: 4nd Floor, Canning

## WG/BoF Reports and administrivia (15 mins)
* presenters: Ben Kaduk and Roman Danyliw; WG/BoF chairs
* note taker: Liang Xia

Russ Housley: for LAMPS, 3 - 4 drafts were submitted for IESG review; and a
recharter is being reviewed by the IESG.

Chris Wood: for TLS, existing work is ongoing.

AD: two security area BOFs, MATHMESH and  TXAUTH
* for TXAUTH: there was agreement on the use cases to be solved, but not on the
next step. "OAUTH 2.1" or "OAUTH 3" were also under discussion. * for MATHMESH:
the audience wants to read more about the technologies; the proposed use case
did not have support.

UTA WG: discussion about TLS 1.3 guidance BCP document, suggest the AD to
consider it. * ADs: have discussion with TLS WG chairs, and agree with waiting
for more deployment experiences until it is time to update the BCP

Robert Moskwitz: will send TMRID BoF information to SAAG mailing list

Yari Arkko: Model-t progress: there was a side meeting on Tuesday, 22 person
participate, Working is continuing. Aim to update network security threat in
RFC3552, and other new related drafts.

## Open Mic

Nothing to report.