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Minutes IETF108: 6lo

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes (6lo) WG
Title Minutes IETF108: 6lo
State Active
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Last updated 2020-08-02

6lo WG meeting - IETF 108, Virtual
6lo WG Agenda - IETF 108, Virtual
13:00-13:50 (UTC) @ Room 1
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Chairs: Shwetha Bhandari, Carles Gomez
Responsible AD: Erik Kline

Minute takers: Dominique Barthel
Jabber scribe: Rahul Jadhav

CodiMD for notes:

Meeting agenda

Introduction and draft status (Bhandari/Gomez) [10 min]
  Agenda bashing; blue sheets; scribe; Jabber scribe

Status of IPv6 over PLC draft (Liu Bing (Remy)) [10 min]

Update of Applicability and Use Cases draft (Yong-Geun Hong) [10 min]

Update of Design Consid. for Low Power Internet Protocols (Hudson Ayers)[10 min]

New draft - 6LoWPAN Dispatch for SCHC (Carles Gomez) [10 min]

Total: 50 min

Meeting notes
Times in UTC
[13:00] Introduction and draft status (Bhandari/Gomez)
* thanks to Suresh K outgoing resp AD, welcome Erik Kline, incoming resp AD
* goes over Note Well
* no comments on agenda, it is approved
* report on WG docs status
  - 6lo-deadline-time-05: latest updates to be included into RFC Editor version.
Erik will do. In the chat later on, Erik reports that the authors need to check
the AUTH48 text to see if latest changes are in.
  - draft-ietf-6lo-nfc: Erik will read and review, has been held back by other
* 6lo over Bluetooth: interest from the Bluetooth SIG
* no comments

[13:11] Status of IPv6 over PLC draft (Liu Bing (Remy))
* goes through reviews received during WGLC and responses.
* no comments
* Carles will do the shepherd write-up, authors be ready to reply about any IPR
on this document.

[13:18] Update of Applicability and Use Cases draft (Yong-Geun Hong)
* gives an overview of the draft
* goes over comments received since last meeting, and responses
* no questions or comments
* Shwetha: since many comments received, will do a shorter WGLC, do Carles and
Erik agree? * Erik: did folks read the latest version? * Carles: previous WGLC
ended without comments, then got feedback on special requests. Would be a good
time to probe the WG again, with a WGLC. * Swetha: will take it on the list

[13:33] Update of Design Consid. for Low Power Internet Protocols (Hudson Ayers)
* update of a draft published few years back
* 6LoWPAN implementations dont interoperate
* 6 open source 6LoWPAN implementations tested against one another
* digs through root causes, mostly attempts at saving flash size, and sometimes
RAM size * defined 3 design principles to cope with the issue: adding
capability * evaluate the principles on 6LoWPAN
    * broke 6LoWPAN features into 6 capability levels
    * added capability discovery
    * evaluated code size for that proposal
* not aiming a recommending this as changes to 6LoWPAN, but food for thought for
this WG.
* Erik: how about energy use?
* Hudson: just looked at packet sizes, using that as proxy for energy. Small
overhead for capability discovery, using ND.
* Erik: ICMP?
* Hudson: indeed, new packets compared to prior situation, but considered

[13:49] New draft - 6LoWPAN Dispatch for SCHC (Carles Gomez)
* individual draft on potential use of SCHC (RFC8724) for 6lo networks.
* discusses 3 options for dispatch byte.
* will continue discussion on mailing list
* Rahul: ... SCHC for single hop ... cna it be used over multi-hop?
* Carles: yes, as a header compression technique only, the aim is to work over
single-hop and multi-hop * Rahul: will take it to the mailing list * Laurent:
supports this, could also use SCHC for upper layer compression and RFC6282 for
IPv6 header compression. * Carles: agreed.

[13:55] meeting adjourned