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Minutes IETF108: bess

Meeting Minutes BGP Enabled ServiceS (bess) WG
Title Minutes IETF108: bess
State Active
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Last updated 2020-08-17

BESS Working Group Agenda IETF 108
Tuesday, July 28, 2020  11:00-12:40
Working Group Status                                      Chairs         15 min

 - No RFC since last IETF
 - 2 Document in RFC queue
 - Many document are in IESG review (details in Wiki)
 - VPLS draft had IPR issue which got addressed.
 - shepherded document list are up to date in Wiki

Ongoing polls -
   - SD wan uses is missing one IPR
      Linda - all authors responded IPR.
      Stephane - missing reply from Bell Canada . no reply seen in mailing list.
      Linda - will follow up.

   - EVPN LSP ping has some comment from MPLS chairs.
      - Author need to address comment before moving forward.

   - EVPN Geneve draft has some comment in list which needs to be addressed
   before we
     can move forward.

 WG Draft :
    - after proxy draft being updated , there is progress made in per flow DF
    election draft. - Yang models are in same state as they were in interim
    meeting. - EVPN BFD is new working group draft.

Adoption call queue :
    up to date in Wiki.

draft-ietf-bess-srv6-services-03                          Gaurav         5 min

- presented in IETF 98 first time
- it has been presented in multiple IETF and updated based on draft.
- updated some encoding from last IETF
- security consideration section updated.
- IANA allocation has been made
- there is implementation existing across different vendor
- draft is ready to move forward .

Zhenbin li - this is important draft, this is well written draft. We need to
have WGLC. multiple
             implementation exist.
Matthew - it would be added to WGLC since WG thinks this is mature document to
moce forward. Sussan Hares - Do i have other drafts in IDR which needed to be
WGLC at same time ? Matthew - its good point, we had something similar issue in
BESS, so it would be good if we take care of all cross reference. Stephane -
There are few drafts which have normative reference in this document, it has
     reference to EVPN FXC draft. .
Ketan -  Reference was left over in error . This document does not have
dependency on any IDR document. it has dependency on SR network programming
which is in Spring and AD evaluation. Stephane - please remove reference to FXC
Gaurav - it would be removed. Susan - if you have any other draft which would
help in deployment, please let me know.

draft-ietf-bess-evpn-unequal-lb                           Neeraj          5 min
 - draft address some section and add more detail
 - this have been presented to many IETF.
 - Defines new EC for EVPN.
john - some time it would be transitive or not depending on logic on border
router Ali - Yes John - can you do non transitive because border router
originating new community. Ali - We did considered. and ran into issue that
existing deployments have used this existing EC
      they would have issue . interop may be issue. For new EC, this can be

draft-zzhang-bess-bgp-multicast-sr                        Jeffrey zhang  15 min

- some of the section modified in this document.
- multiple domain support added in controller draft
- TEA enhancements were added in draft.
- incoming label stack got added to support MP2MP
- multi domain support added for controller based multicast
- IDR would also be presented with TEA changes
Susan - TEA changes are being made
Zeffery - would be presented more detail in IDR
Susan  - TEA questions would be asked in IDR session.

parekh-bess-mvpn-evpn-sr-p2mp                             Rishabh Parekh 10 min
 - New draft , EVPN and mVPN service over SR P2MP tree
 - 0th version, expecting comments and questions for draft.

draft-dunbar-bess-bgp-sdwan-usage                         Linda Dunbar   10 min
- new charaterstic added for SDWAN
- multiple SDWAN instances got added
- Adoption is requested.
Adrian Farrel -  I have  some comment on term Application,
                 comment to be provided in list.

draft-kompella-mpls-nffrr-00                              Wen Lin        10 min
- 0th version of draft, more discussion is needed in this topic from WG.
Jorge -  slides talks about EVPN, IPvpn and draft (section 2.1 ) its mentioning
VPLS too Wen - yes, it's applicable for VPLS too . Needs more clarification.
Jorge - can this happen with VPLS too Wen - If VPLS supports Active Standby ,
it may. will clarify more. Jorge - EVPN case it would be good to add more
detail how it would be handling multicast traffic. Ali - instead of using FRR
label, use implicitly instead of explicitly Wen - if same label is used, PE1
sends FRR traffic to PE2. and if PE1 uses VPN label from PE2 it would not have
way to determine whether its FRR traffic or remote .

draft-sajassi-bess-secure-evpn-02                         Ali sajassi    10 min
 - Secure control beteen each PE and RR
 - authors looking for adoption call
 - Susan : We went through this in IETF105 to work on security issues. IPSEC
 tunnel in slide
            is not in draft. what is the difference between slides and draft.
 - Ali - Encap is IPSEC tunnel, but you can use tunnel over UDP. VxIPSec tunnel
 describes for VxLAN. - Susan - you defined new tunnel type. it may be same
 things where other WG working on similar.
           why need new tunnel. Draft does not ready for adoption.
 - Ali - if things are not clear, can you send email over list and we can
 clarify. - Susan - it may not be clarification and it may be more changes in
 draft. - Ali - We did look at available tunnel type and did not find any thing
 to use. - Susan - will send reference & email over list.

draft-schmutzer-bess-ple-vpws-signalling-00               Christian      10 min

jorge - why is this draft in BESS. i do not see any thing related to BGP
Christian - this draft would be move to different WG
Stephane - its individual draft , it does not belong to any WG
Mathew - chairs would discuss this and see how to move it  .