Minutes IETF109: anima

Meeting Minutes Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach (anima) WG
Title Minutes IETF109: anima
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Meeting Minutes

Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach
                Chairs: Toerless Eckert & Sheng Jiang
          Minutes by: Juanna Dang

   *****************************Session II**********************************

   Toerless: I think Sheng will primarily take care of the microphone 
       line as I am sharing the slides. Joanna is going to take the 
       minutes. And the other thing should be well known.

   1.    WG Dash - 5 min
          by co-chairs

   Toerless: Sheng was doing the adoption call for draft constrained-
      join-proxy. Please provide more feedback.
   Sheng: We should already pass the adoption code because we 
      don't have any objections on that, but I have a reminder for the 
      other participants as well because there are a little discussion for 
      this document for a while. I can fully understand that because 
      you know that document already be around for a while, but as 
      chair we actually would like to see more discussion in the mailing
      list. Authors please submit the document as a new working group
      document with zero version, and try to invoke more discussion in
      mailing list. We need to see progress from now on.

   2.      ACP into RFC Editor queue,
            Presenter: Toerless Eckert

   Rober Wilton: No question but I just want to say a big thank you 
      tell us for getting this one over the line and the amount of effort 
      you've put into the working group, and also Eric's helped 
      shepherding for this. So I'd just like to thank everyone. I know 
      this has been a tricky document.
   Sheng: Thank you very much for your hard work. We have been 
      very long process for this document. And after now we can 
      finally call the victory for our ANIMA stage one from 2014 year. 
      This is the last document in our stage one and actually we can 
      together release the five RFCs. One of them have already being 
      released for more than thousand days. And by now actually we 
      have had our original autonomic network infrastructure 
      components, three of them published completely that including 
      the ACP and BRSKI and GRASP. In this second stage, we can say
      more autonomic service agent which use/re-use those as we 
      hope. And then finally we could get our autonomic network and
      services be used in the real network and that make the network 
      management and maintenance much easier. Thanks all.

   3.      BRSKI-44/45 LC-prime summary of activity around rename
           Presenter: Michael Richardson

   MR: Toerless noticed that we didn't had a missing IANA action for 
      proxy in the joined registrar which was supposed to be allocated
      out of the GRASP registry. And we did some similar thing.
   Toerless: I am going through the registry for the ACP at that point
      in time.
   MR: Thank you.
   Toerless: So Brian was already mentioning some activity from RFC 
      editor on GRASP.
   Michael Richardson: So he's an off 48.
   Toerless: not all 48 yet. There was some other indication that 
      they're seemingly already working on something.
   Brian: So I assume they're working on it.
   Toerless: Again it's a target down there behind the door so we're 
      not really sure what's going on. We're just looking at the status 
      of the cluster.
   MR: So there's a Canadian restaurant that has a really delicious 
      root beer called BRSKI. I was require some for Vancouver 

   4.      Constrained-Voucher --- overview of changes from design team
            Presenter: Michael Richardson, Peter van der Stok

   MR: We were asking the working group what's going on. The 
      invite is open to the mailing list. Please join us.
   Toerless: Maybe send it out again. It's somewhere down in the 
      mailing list. So reminder is always a good thing once a quarter.
   MR: So also I will send it in mailing list. Some of what is discussed. 
      Some deeper things.  

   5.      BRSKI-AE Support for asynchronous enrollment, 
            Presenter: Michael Richardson

   MR: I try to explain this in more detail and to get some text into it.
   Toerless: This is the last consideration for scale out. That's not 
      specific to the constrained voucher case right that. Could 
      equally be of interest for any of the other. Let's say the 
      standard BRSKI option. Right?
   MR: Well, so if you're using PCX certification, and you have a local 
      CA. And you're using the generating and certificates. For go to 
      previous slide if you could actually generating the certification 
      for the pledge interface. 

   6.      BRSKI-cloud use case/applicability, 
            Presenter: Michael Richardson

   No discussion or comments.

   7.      Constrained Join proxy
            Presenter: Michael Richardson

   Toerless: I'm trying to remember what the working group is 
      right? There is a lot of you know these type of proxy things 
      for quick happening and quick is trying to get into the 
      datagram. So we are going to wake up in another year. So 
      having to do everything we're doing with DTLS with QUIC.
   Michael Richardson: So the BRSKI circuit proxy which is TCP 
      based, not going to work with QUIC. If you want to QUIC 
      on that then the answer is yes. We'll have to do something. 
      I guess I could go look at those documents and see if there's 
      something there. Maybe part of the answer don't bother with 
      teal. Maybe it's stupid to do DTLS if you're going to do QUIC 
      anyway. But I don't know. I appreciate some other feedback 
      from people as to whether to deal with all of these different 
      possibilities. Can you really use QUIC? I don't know. We tend
      to think that if you're in that constrained space that you are 
      probably more interested in using AD hoc. And OS core that 
      you are using QUIC.
   Toerless: I mean I think that's just always keep it in the back of
      your mind right that. There's a lot of effort invested into the 
      DTLS solution. So let's make sure we're kind of continuing.
   MR: On the registrar to master side of things. If you can get 
      QUIC through the enterprise, then you can use as you like. 
      It's just http whatever three or whatever we're calling it right.
      We don't care.

   8.      Update on BRSKI-AE-Support for asynchronous enrollment
            Presenter: Steffen Fries

   Steffen Fries: The overcome will be circulated on the mailing 
      list for further discussion and would be used to update the 
      draft. I would submit that then probably in December or 
      the beginning of January. 
   Toerless: Excellent. Thank you very much.

   9.     draft-friel-anima-brski-cloud-03, 
           Presenter: Steffen Fries

   No discussion or comments.