Minutes IETF110: anima

Meeting Minutes Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach (anima) WG
Title Minutes IETF110: anima
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Meeting Minutes

            ANIMA WG Agenda for IETF-110, Online
            Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach
                Chairs: Toerless Eckert & Sheng Jiang
             14:30-15:30 UTC Wednesday, 10 March 2021 
                    Minutes by: Juanna Dang

Slot 1: 10 min, Chair Slides  - scribes, minutes, etc.,  10 Min
   Presenters Chairs - Sheng / Toerless

   Sheng: 6 WG documents are in RFC Ed Queue and would be 
      published before next meeting. We would like to adopt more
      relevant works.

Slot 2:  C325, RFC Editor queue documents
   Presenter: Michael Richardson

   Toerless: I was in gather dot town going to the RFC editor dest, 
      so it's actually very nice tool especially for all these procedural 
      things. And the nice RFC editors were looking up their internal 
      cues and showing me the states what they were willing to say. 
      Publicly the author should receive author 48 notification within 
      a mouth.
   Sheng: I would like to take this opportunity to see all those draft 
      orders for your patient and hard work. 

Slot 3: Constrained Voucher Artifacts for Bootstrapping Protocols, 
   Presenter: Michael Richardson
   Draft: https://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-ietf-anima-constrained-voucher-10

   Robert Wilton: I just pick you up in your crosshair review. Have 
      you already take care of those reviews that you're needing?  
      I think you need me to try and help that.
   Michael Richardson: I can't the chair need to push the button 
      for asking for reviews or you can do that, I've suggested to 
      review, suggest other people to review, they can add it as a 
      review wish. We got for BRSKI review, we got an IoT directorate
      review, security review, agenda review, through big review. 
      About three or two year ago, I'd love some people to look at
      that they already have criticism and are fixed. 
   Toerless: More than welcome. Next month, we' ll start the thread
      on the mailing list, the chair will be happy to help.

Slot 4: Information Distribution over GRASP
   Presenter:  Jiang sheng
   Draft: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-anima-grasp-distribution-01

   Sheng: Hopefully we can be really stable for next meeting.
   Toerless: I was just looking up the history and reminder the 
      documents has been because of the primarily. Our Focus on the 
      charter on the first ground. The charter has been carried on for 
      a very long time. We take that as work group document but I
      think it has mature significant. I have much hope that we can
      also try to start the thinking about its existing strategy to IESG
      during this years. I review the changes with the feedback from
      the Shepard. I would hope that towards the next meeting. We
      will bring it up for last call. 

Slot 5: BRSKI-AE  Support for asynchronous enrollment
   Presenter: Steffen Fries
   Draft: draft-ietf-anima-brski-async-enroll-01

Slot 6: Constrained Join Proxy for Bootstrapping Protocols
   Presenter: Michael Richardson
      Draft: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-anima-constrained-join-proxy-02

   Toerless: One question with respect to his ewing koa?
   Michael Richardson: We' re not changing the collapse in any way.
      In fact if anything the review we want from the tls working
      group probably, because we are using a TLS components. It' s 
      my right to use co-op stateless to get the response back. We 
      can't use other protocol. The state part goes into a tls extension.
   Toerless: No right or it have any quarrels with? You are doing so. 
      We don' t care about them but we should try to find the tls 
      review when it gets close to the end.
   Michael Richardson: Now it is the time to get the review. Go to 
      working group to ask for last call.

Slot 7: Guidelines for Autonomic Service Agents, 
   Presenter: Laurent Ciavaglia
   Draft: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-anima-asa-guidelines-01

Non-WG Documents
Slot 8: JOSE signed Voucher Artifacts for Bootstrapping Protocols, 
   Presenter: Michael Richardson
   Draft: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-richardson-anima-jose-voucher-00

   Toerless: Where is the user device that needs this? 
   Michael Richardson:  The user is the OPC which is an industrial 
      IoT foundation that has existed. And they has indicated that 
      they are interested in adopting BRSKI. But they don't want to 
      do the CMS.
   Toerless: I am always see the detailed explanation in the documents.
   Michael Richardson:  We can get some clear statement as who
      is doing it there.
   Toerless: It looks to me that they plug into some other workflow.
   Michael Richardson: They plug it into BRSKI.
   Toerless: The whole work is out of existing draft, but they are the
      reason they don't like CMS.
   Michael Richardson: That would involve them putting libraries and
      code into devices they currently they don't use. They already are 
      using JWS in their code.
   Toerless: It would be a great topic for IoT OPS to figure out how to
      support or not support the variable preferences.
   Michael Richardson: The Registrars have to support.