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Meeting Minutes

QIRG Meeting @IETF 110 Online

Chairs: Rodney Van Meter and Wojciech Kozlowski
Note Taker: Darren Dukes and Sean Turner

# WG Status - Chairs

I-D status: I-Ds slowly converging. There are three expired I-Ds. As the IRTF
is driven by authors feel free to work on one or propose another one.

## Announcement
Running QIRG seminars, inviting speekers and giving talks.  These will be
between IETF meetings.  First one in two weeks (March 24). Qunnect will be
presenting.  See mailing list and data tracker for virtual interim details. 
New seminars can be requested by emailing the chairs.

# Applications and Use Cases for the Quantum Internet - Chonggang Wang

* Document is progressing
* Major changes listed in slides

* Kireeti Kompella: Talking about 2 tunnels (classic and quantum) is the intent
of the classic internet to set up something for the quantum internet? Or is it
a side channel for oher communication
  * Chonggang Wang:
    * Major goal: (Missed this - see recording :)
    * Second goal: if there is a need for classic communication it can be used
    as control plane
* Kireeti: Thinking about classical and ...
  * Chong gang Wang: Not getting to much into the implementation details.
* Wojciech: Fig 5: What is the diff between stage 2 and 3? Is this in reference
to the [Wehner](http://science.sciencemag.org/content/362/6412/eaam9288.full)
  * Chonggang Wang: Mapping based on paper.
* Wojciech: I think I having an issue with the distance. Just making sure
Stage-2 is really what's described in the paper? Other than that it looks good
to me.
  * Rodney (no hat): That paper is pretty terse so having one that is less
  terse is better for the IRTF. I-D ready for a critical read. * Kireeti: My
  naive reading is: Stage-2 is one hop, Stage-3 is multi-hop.
* Rodney (chair): Make sure that the terminology is in the arch principles I-D.
* Kireeti Kompella and Robin Wilton volunteered to read as non-Quantum experts.

# Architectural Principles for a Quantum Internet - Wojciech Kozlowski
I-D: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-irtf-qirg-principles/

* not many updates, this creates a good starting point
* GH rocks
* Rodney's feedback incorporated.
* Is it ready? I only need to order the references.

* Kireeti: Are you saying the I-D is not consistent with the common proposals?
There terminology needs to be consistent.
  * Wojciech: I do not see any differences, but somebody should have a look.
* Rodney: doing research on all optical ones. Haven't figured out how much the
architecture would change.
  * Wojciech: We don't propose an architecture in this document. New methods
  may come up requiring new work.  We don't see compatibility issues with
  anything that currently exists that I'm aware of. * Kireeti: Sounds good.
* Robin: If you have a reference doc for "cargo ship" that's more than just a
news article, I'd be happy to take a look for consistency.
  * Rodney: Will send a reference to the paper to the list.
* Joey Salazar: Where are these proposals going? Are they going elsewhere at
IETF or somewhere else?
  * Rodney: pure research ... not sure. [Chinese Sat experiment
  are looking very good. Proposals are very far away from coming to the IRTF.
* Alexandre Petrescu: Is "Quantum Internet" a network of quantum computers or
is it a quantum network of classical computers?
  * Wojciech: Meant to be a connection of quantum computers connected by
  quantum Internet. QKD does not need a sophisticated terminal (see MDI-QKD
  talk by Joshua Slater from IETF 109).
* Alexandre Petrescu: Will look at the recording.
* Rodney: Need more work to integrate classical and quantum systems and
networks. That is the real drive for QIRG. * Rodney: As author, feel like I-D
is ready. * Poll: Sense of the room was that I-D is ready. * Rodney: 48 hours
to post what the major concerns are that are stopping. If none, will issue
2-week RGLC.

# Discussion group: Development of Quantum Interconnects (QuICs) for
Next-Generation Information Technologies Slides:

* This is more of a component based document

* Siyu Tang: Questions on roadmaps from European and North American researchers
  * Rodney: Has no specific comment on predicted roadmaps for one vs the other.
* Siyu Tang: notes some technology has advanced quickly in some areas (like
repeaters). Faster than the timeline noted in the doucment
  * Rodney: It's worth checking
* Kireeti: is QuIC like a media converter for qubits? (my brain need classical
  * Rodney: (see recording for answer)