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Minutes IETF111: calext

Meeting Minutes Calendaring Extensions (calext) WG
Title Minutes IETF111: calext
State Active
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Last updated 2021-07-29

# Agenda - IETF111 CALEXT

* Note well, logistics, and introduction
* WG status
* -icalendar-series
* -jscalendar-icalendar
* -serverside-subscriptions
* -subscription-upgrade
* -vpoll

# Minutes

Francesca: hi :)

### Agenda Bashing

Mike: should have relations as well.

Daniel: which one should we pick?

Mike: actually, task extensions as well.  We should concentrate on tasks and
relations because they're useful for the mapping.

Daniel: tasks has been on call for adoption.
Bron: call for adoption has passed, Mike will upload a new version.

ACTION: Mike to upload tasks doc as draft-ietf-calext-ical-tasks or so

Daniel: expect relation to be done in the next month?
Mike: yes, think so.
Daniel: is that the one with Cyrus?
Mike: no, it's the one with temporal relations, etc.

Daniel: OK, let's focus on relations for the next month and then tasks.

ACTION: Mike to upload refreshed copy of draft-ietf-calext-ical-relations
ACTION: Bron to issue WGLC on ical-relations

Francesca: well done with jscalendar, congratulations.  The RFC has a number of
registries, now need to find designated experts. * Daniel: think we responded
to that email.  Think we proposed Neil, Robert and Mike. * Francesca: will
reach out to them.

ACTION: Francesca to select designated experts for jscalendar registries

## jscalendar-icalendar

Proposal: separate RFC for fractional seconds in iCalendar

Mike: ical4j in the past wouldn't handle events deeply enough embedded for
eventpub, fixed now.

Unless you have a protocol, you can't negotiate!  e.g. iMIP.

#### fractional seconds

Mike: with fractional seconds, probably start off not supporting fractional
seconds because the internal implementation doesn't.  Likewise with CalDAV. 
Posted a draft for the fractional parameter, and almost immediately decided not
to do it.

If we want to support fractional seconds in icalendar, we should just support
them throughout!

Robert: agreed.

#### ID property

Robert: a LOCATION object in JSCalendar can also have links, which can created
cross references within the iCalendar.  Add a new 'ID' property?

Bron: would want to constrain the value to be an OBJECTID.

Mike: agree that we shouldn't make it specific to JSCalendar in the name, we
may find other uses for it.


Mike: have been saying we need localisation for some time, so happy to help
define it.  We agreed maybe to do that as a separate document.

Mike: given that it's effectively a new feature, we can probably put it off for
now and do a separate VLOCALIZATION spec which also does the mapping to


Daniel: when do you think the JSCalendar mapping doc will be ready?

Robert: not until the end of the year!

Daniel: Dec 2021, or June 2022?

Robert/Mike: let's aim for December, but without fractional seconds or

ACTION: Mike and Robert to split localisation, IDs and fractional seconds out
into one or more icalendar RFCs

ACTION: Mike and Robert to keep working on JSCalendar mapping document

## Docs in AUTH48

### eventpub

* waiting for AD to validate

### valarm

* waiting for AD to validate

## Milestones

Live edited during session!

Serverside subscriptions -> haven't heard back from Apple yet, move to next

VPOLL into next year.

## Any other business?

Nobody popped up with anything.