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Minutes IETF111: taps

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Meeting Minutes Transport Services (taps) WG Snapshot
Date and time 2021-07-27 21:30
Title Minutes IETF111: taps
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TAPS IETF 111 Session

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
14:30-15:30 Tuesday Session II
WG Chairs: Theresa Enghardt & Aaron Falak
Minute takers: Kyle Rose

Participants request permission to revise and extend their remarks.

WG update - chairs (10 min)

Intense discussion re: the large number of authors
* Only 4 docs >= 7 authors in the last ten years
* RFC editor doesn't have a policy against lots of authors, but they do have recommendations
* Tommy points out that docs do currently have 2 editors apiece, with the remainder as authors
* Needs further discussion offline

Implementation updates - Tommy Pauly (5 min)

TAPS Transport Discovery - Martin Duke (15 min)

Mapping documents - Tommy Pauly (15 min)

  • Aaron suggested that a few examples would illustrate how future mappings should be constructed.
  • Lucas would be happy to help facilitate mapping work with the QUIC WG.

W3C Web & Networks Interest Group - Dan Druta (15 min)

  • Aaron thinks the real value here is in engaging outside groups with TAPS work, and where it isn't a great fit, providing feedback on how to improve or alter the architecture to be more useful.