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Minutes IETF114: add

Meeting Minutes Adaptive DNS Discovery (add) WG
Title Minutes IETF114: add
State Active
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Last updated 2022-07-30


Adaptive DNS Discovery

Time: Tuesday July 26 3:00-5:00pm
– Session slot shared with DPRIVE

Part 1: Agenda ADD@IETF114

ADD Chairs: David Lawrence, Glenn Deen

Area Director: Eric Vyncke

DNS Directorate: Eric Vyncke

Eric: Lots of drafts are relying DNS
Setting up a DNS Directorate to do early review of drafts
Will be asking for voluteer reviewers
OK if you're less experienced but eager to help and learn

Daniel Kahn Gillmor: There is no single DNS viewpoint
People have very different viewpoints

Paul Hoffman: Is it OK for a review to say "don't do this in the DNS"

Eric: yes

1 Administration


Scribe selection

Agenda bash

Welcome from chairs

2 Chair/AD - Status Update on ADD Documents:

Discovery of Designated Resolvers (draft-ietf-add-ddr-08)

DHCP and Router Advertisement Options for the Discovery of Network-designated Resolvers (DNR) (draft-ietf-add-dnr-11)

Service Binding Mapping for DNS Servers (draft-ietf-add-svcb-dns-06)

Glenn: DDR, DNR, service binding are moving well in IESG review

3 Drafts


Dan Wing - presented

Ben Schwartz:
What changes do people want?
Draft is self-consistent, please speak up if you want changes
Could be used with DHCP

Andrew Campling: Looks good, would like to see Last Call soon

Tommy Pauly: Do you always have to do DNR to use this?

Ben: DNR gives a unique host name, DDR gives one or more host names
With DDR, would have to walk through the cert looking at names

Tommy: Would like to look into using DDR because it is just a client update


Mohamed Boucadair - presented

Puneet Sood: General structure looks fine
Not seeing interest from client implementor
Would like to see implementor interest before adoption
Proposes to encode options as numbers, not text


Chris Box - presented
- noted document change name to Reputation Verified Selection of Upstream Encrypted Resolvers

Eric Orth: Still wants this for specific use cases

Andrew: Move forward with this

Tommy Jensen: Finds the new direction quite interesting
Thanks for addressing the issue
Has tried avoiding listing trusted resolver
Why not just provide the list directly to the customer?

4 AOB / Discussion (all)

5 Planning & Wrap up

Glenn Deen
Group is in pretty good shape, 3 documents with the IESG, more in the pipeline
Congrats for doing this all virtually

-- End of ADD Agenda --



Chairs: Tim Wicinski and Brian Haberman

Notes here only cover comments at the mic, not from the slides

Admin stuff and WG update

Things are going along, but slow
Wants to see where things are going

draft-ietf-dprive-unilateral-probing: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

Tim: Would like to hear from other implementers

Benno Overeinder: Will speak offline about new work

Puneet Sood: Google Public DNS is doing at least parts of this

Viktor Dukhovni: Looking to speak with auth servers about tuning and so on

Paul Hoffman: This supposed to be harmless or minimal impact
    Let us know if that's not right in the draft

-- end of DPRIVE --