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Minutes IETF117: jmap: Wed 00:00

Meeting Minutes JSON Mail Access Protocol (jmap) WG
Date and time 2023-07-26 00:00
Title Minutes IETF117: jmap: Wed 00:00
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Last updated 2023-07-26


JMAP at IETF117, San Francisco

Tuesday 2023-07-25 17:00 PDT (00:00 UTC)

Intro and Note Well - 5 min (Jim Fenton)

In WG Last Call:

  • Sharing - 5 min (Neil Jenkins)

Last call has expired, feedback asked for more examples.

  • Sieve - 5 min (Ken Murchison)

Last call ending, no feedback received

Existing drafts:

  • calendars / contacts (on hold for CALEXT) - 5 min (Neil Jenkins)

Calendars: Spec is ready, waiting to see JSCalendar bis changes.
Contacts: JSContact is nearly done, will use that data format. Otherwise
seems done, feedback requested.

  • smime-sender - 5 min (Alexey Melnikov)

Some open questions about use, e.g., find all encrypted messages? How
configurable is header encryption?

  • tasks - 5 min (Joris Baum/Hans-Jörg Happel)

New version recently published, seems mostly done.

New work:

  • Portability - 5 min (Joris Baum/Hans-Jörg Happel)

Draft updated and split out parts into three new documents. Does WG want
to adopt the portability document? Three new ones are less ready.

  • Snooze - 5 min (Neil Jenkins/Ken Murchison)

Motivated by new snooze feature in Sieve. Interest in adoption here
and/or EXTRA? yes interest in the room

  • Archives - 5 min (Hans-Jörg Happel)

Is there interest in an archive format? Several people said yes, much
discussion. H-J will prepare a draft.

AOB - 10 min

No other business.

Milestone Review - 5 min

Updated dates for sieve, sharing, smime, simplified endpoint
(portability), and contacts.
calendars and tasks moved out 2 IETFs to allow time for coordingation
with calext.
New milestones:

  • Contacts WGLC November (milestone set for IESG submission in
  • Coordination of snooze with extra wg and potential adoption