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Minutes IETF117: mls: Fri 00:00

Meeting Minutes Messaging Layer Security (mls) WG
Date and time 2023-07-28 00:00
Title Minutes IETF117: mls: Fri 00:00
State Active
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Last updated 2023-08-16


MLS @ IETF 117

Additional credentials

  • Raphael: Multi-cred useful for PCS, since you can indirect an
    HSM-stored key
  • DKGillmor: Risk of infinite recursion?
  • RLBarnes: We should forbid multi-in-multi
  • Show of hands indicates consensus to adopt: unanimous support (24/0)

X25519 + Kyber

  • RR: Need it on principle. Support adoption.
  • RLB: Support this work. The only thing to note is that the symmetric
    bits are 128 not 256.

    • RR: Had same question. Bas told him he was wrong.
    • RLB: Should get some people to look at this.
  • BHale: Support draft.

  • Show of hands indicates consensus to adopt: unanimous support


  • RR: Always trade-offs, limited damage if this is wrong, support
    adoption in extensions draft
  • JLHall: Seems like client UX could hide messages after leave?

    • RR: Client wants to verify state gets cleaned up
  • RM to send a PR adding to extensions draft

MLS Extensions

  • (No discussion, just an update)

Guardianship for MLS

  • DKG: Does this reveal connection between guardian & edge?

    • XTian: Depends on the mode
  • RLB: What are the protocol impacts?

    • XT: We didn't look at the specifics of the commit messages.
    • BH: for most of these nothing would need to change. The couple
      at the end depend on whether multi-sigs are allowed.
  • ST: What's the next step?

  • BH: We can write an I-D.
  • XT: Eprint coming soon