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Minutes IETF118: wish: Tue 14:30

Meeting Minutes WebRTC Ingest Signaling over HTTPS (wish) WG
Date and time 2023-11-07 14:30
Title Minutes IETF118: wish: Tue 14:30
State Active
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Last updated 2023-11-20


WISH 118

WISH draft

  • we need to close open issues tracked on GitHub from the reviews
  • Nils volunteered to review Sergio's pending PR for the genart review
    by the end of the week
  • once the open issues we are going to do another WG last call for the
    updated draft


  • no updates, work is focused on WISH right now
  • agreed to set as a goal for the milestone end of 2024 to deliver a
    WHEP draft to the IESG


  • Juliusz: what kind of protocols are supported by the HTTP URLS used
    in the draft? How does the client know which protocol to use for
    each given URL?

    • It could be added to the draft
  • Juliusz: is it supported to add more streams to the existing stream?

    • No it is currently not supported
  • Timothy: it would be interesting to have an "add" and "merge" stream

  • Sergio: why do we need to standardised protocol for doing this? It
    is pretty service specific.

    • It will facility interoperability between developers
  • Nils: why do we need this? This is very service specific.

    • A streaming cloud is from one vendor and the client is from
      another vendor.
  • Juliusz: there is a value in allowing a service provider to switch
    vendors. But it seems very hard to keep this kind of protocol which
    is a narrowily specified as WISH/WHEP. It would turn into a big
    proposal with lots of optional features.

  • Jonathan: IETF doesn't have expertise in video broadcasting. Do you
    actually have vendors asking for standardizing this?

    • IETF is good because is an open group to get interested parties
  • Timothy: I don't like the idea of not taking this on, because of
    lack of expertise. This is basically similar to what meetecho is
    doing today, but with propritary protocols.

  • Nils: I'm wondering if this would need a new working group.