Minutes for MBONED at IETF-93

Meeting Minutes MBONE Deployment (mboned) WG
Title Minutes for MBONED at IETF-93
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Last updated 2015-08-05

Meeting Minutes

   IETF 93 Prague
Thurs, Jul 23, 2015
Athens/Barcelona (held jointly with PIM WG)

Note Taker: Patrick Ruddy

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Scolding: Subscribe, Read, provide feedback

Mbone Inter-domain Peering:

Greg Cisco - need determining method for finding optimal - needs to
be resolved somewhere in this group. Not protocol solution - what
tools are available to be able to find that. Something needs to be

2 people have read draft in current format.

Greg Shepherd - this draft should have been released a decade ago.
None of these guidelines have been documented - operators are looking
for ways to do inter-domain - this is the document for that purpose.
Please respond on the list or the group will disappear. Taking to
the list.

Toerless Eckert: - yes ready for last call.

Greg Shepherd: between new rev and editor notes - on track.

Tim Chown: need to find a non-author. Forgot about the debugging
document - maybe worth digging out.

Greg Shepherd : Can't reference an expired draft. Would be something
that this group could pick up.

Multicast Vs WiFi

Charlie Perkins.

Eric(?) Cisco - Agree - trying to transform all of the deployments
from multicast to unicast - thanks for this draft.

Toerless Eckert: Provided feedback on list - important to map to
use cases and determine fanout. Low fanout can have other solutions -
unicast AMT. High fanout probably needs

Stig Venaas: mac conversion question.

Carlos: Good draft. People from his group have a draft on multicast

Tim Chown: Vlan pooling - streaming. Device pooling - need to do some
analysis of how we can reduce load on the network using multicast and
determine best practice

Greg Shepherd: what are we trying to solve? There is a retransmission
in 802.11 are we trying to solve loss or solve congestion on these
networks. Loss is a problem also for UDP. Split up problems, get use
cases. Need fanout analysis.

Charlie Perkins: separate VLANs would be interesting

Toerless Eckert: until recently native multicast on the wifi would
be ok - but unicast features are well forward and there is a gap.
Analysis has value to see what the differences are and see what could
be done natively. Concentrate on low hanging fruit and see if we can
solve most of the cases.

Tim Chown: happy to talk about RA etc. congestion.


Tim Chown: Group needs a kick up the bottom - maybe some discussion
of charter would help.