Minutes for LISP at IETF-94

Meeting Minutes Locator/ID Separation Protocol (lisp) WG
Title Minutes for LISP at IETF-94
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Last updated 2015-11-20

Meeting Minutes

   o WG Documents Update

- LCAF Draft Update - draft-ietf-lisp-lcaf-11
    Dino Farinacci

Dino Farinacci: asks about how to move on with the idea of registry.
Joel Halpern: the usual way is to use this document to define the registry and
define what should be in the registry. If more things are needed, just write
new drafts.

- LISP-crypto - draft-ietf-lisp-crypto-02
    Dino Farinacci

Fabio Maino: asks if the separation between control and data planes is still
respected in this version.
 Dino Farinacci: confirms that the separation is still there. In the data-plane
 packet, the only change is to know which key is being used.

o Rechartering Discussion

- State of Affairs in Multicast Overlays
    RFC 6831
    Dino . Farinacci

Vina Ermagan: ask why list LCAF is not used
 Dino Farinacci: list LCAF is used to give a list of AFIs while here we need to
 provide the multiple points.

Stig Venaas: asks if it is planned to stop working on the other draft or just
do signal-free.
 Dino Farinacci: proposes to just work on signal-free has let other draft

- NSH extension draft (draft-ermagan-nsh-00).
    Vina Ermagan

Joel Halpern: SFC is for any protocol, can we extend the encoding to support
 Vina Ermagan: we can do that, just need to make the right LCAF. The extension
 just points to a service path ID/index.

Dino Farinacci: would it be longest-match or exact-match.
 Vina Ermagan: exact-match

Dino Farinacci: would we imagine hierarchies?
 Joel Halpern: so far no discussion in SFC about hierarchy.

Dino Farinacci: asks if this solution is compatible with VPNs.
  Vina Halpern: says it is compatible.

- LISP Subscription
    Alberto Rodriguez-Natal

- Overflow Time/ Discussion

Joel Halpern: asks to comment the proposed charter text on the mailing list.

Dino Farinacci: notices that the VPN acronym does not appear anywhere and asks
if it is intentional.
 Joel Halpern: asks if there is more work to do on that (i.e., VPN). If it is
 in the charter it means that some work still have to be done. Dino Farinacci:
 the question is to know if all we will do must be ok with VPN. Joel Halpern:
 please ask that to the list.

Albert Cabellos: there are no guidelines for LCAF, maybe we should think about
providing guidelines as it is likely to have many LCAF.
  Dino Farinacci: some LCAF have specific semantic so it is to be defined at
  the use case. Joel Halpern: this has to be discussed on the list.

Fabio Maino: there is an interest for people to program the mapping from the
northbound interface. To help this a solution would be to provide models or to
specify a northbound interface.
  Joel Halpern: this part will go to the YANG part, we will have to define what
  is observable and what is modifiable. Fabio Maino: the question is to know
  how to inject mapping from the northbound interface to the mapping system.
  Dino Farinacci: proposes to just open the possibility to exchange from
  map-server. Joel Halpern: in practice this is not free to make, we have to
  define how to do authentication. Vina Ermagan: probably that fits in the
  alternative mapping system design bullet maybe.

Fabio Maino: suggests to work on reliable registration.
  Joel Halpern: discuss that on the list.