Minutes for AVTCORE at IETF-95

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Title Minutes for AVTCORE at IETF-95
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Last updated 2016-04-18

Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, 14:00-14:35
AVTCore Status Update

Plan to go down to 1-hour slot for the next meeting due to low 

Chairs solicit reviewers for the Multi-path RTP (MPRTP) draft. 

Richard Barnes (PERC co-chair) informed that PERC will take on a 
milestone for Encrypted Key Transport for Secure RTP (EKT), but is not 
interested in the parts on MIKEY or SDES. If someone is interested in 
those, please announce on the list, or this AVTCORE milestone will be 
removed from AVTCORE, because the AVTCORE draft is since long expired. 

Errata handling: none of the proposed handling of errata listed in the 
chair slides were objected by the meeting and will thus proceed as 
proposed. For RFC 7273; our AD Ben Campbell will have a look at it. A 
General Mechanism for RTP Header Extensions 

Roni Even

A new version will be sent out after the meeting, addressing already 
received comments, which will likely be ready for WGLC. 

Any Other Business

Jonathan Lennox informed about a topic found when finishing the CLUE RTP 
usage draft. A single RTP stream could move between multiple m-lines 
when using BUNDLE by changing its MID. It is also thinkable that one 
single RTP stream is applicable to multiple m-lines, in which case it 
would need to carry multiple SDES MID values. Would that option be 
interesting to investigate in AVTCORE? Jonathan will send a description 
of the use case to the AVTCORE mailing list (and to MMUSIC, since BUNDLE 
is there).