Minutes for MBONED at IETF-95

Meeting Minutes MBONE Deployment (mboned) WG
Title Minutes for MBONED at IETF-95
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Meeting Minutes

   IETF 95 Buenos Aires
Wed, Apr 6, 2016
Buen Ayre A (Held jointly with PIM WG)

Note taker: Joel Jaeggli

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10:06:34 AM joel jaeggli: agenda bashing for mboned
10:07:00 AM joel jaeggli: multicast service model presentation
10:12:06 AM joel jaeggli:

10:14:08 AM joel jaeggli: comments?
10:14:30 AM joel jaeggli: stig - question about the transport?
10:14:47 AM joel jaeggli: can you use multiple stransports for this
10:15:20 AM joel jaeggli: percy - in general the concept of yang
is good
10:15:50 AM joel jaeggli: since this is a general yang model that you
can use and then modify or do we need one specifically for multicast
10:16:02 AM joel jaeggli: zhang - maybe l3sm?
10:16:26 AM joel jaeggli: shibon lu ? -
10:17:11 AM joel jaeggli: what's the relationship bewteen this and
the l3sm?
10:17:39 AM joel jaeggli: zhang - this model is generalized
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10:20:25 AM joel jaeggli: lu - providers don't want vendors to define
their service model
10:23:07 AM joel jaeggli: sjshep - do we have a yang docotor assigned
this SM?
10:23:14 AM joel jaeggli: gjshep?
10:24:04 AM joel jaeggli: next is percy
10:24:36 AM joel jaeggli: presentation use of multicastÊ across
interdomain peering points
10:30:56 AM joel jaeggli: shep - show of hands on reading the draft
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10:31:36 AM joel jaeggli: stig - you still talk about asm as well?
10:31:51 AM joel jaeggli: percy - there are competing views
10:33:02 AM joel jaeggli: gjshep - we'll get the usuals suspects on
10:33:30 AM joel jaeggli: charlie perkins - presentation multicast
consideration over ieee 802.11
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10:41:08 AM joel jaeggli: dino - does the mean the ap doesn't forward
the broadcast?
10:41:30 AM joel jaeggli: charlie - the intention is to not wake up
10:41:39 AM Christian Hopps: hmm audio died
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10:45:49 AM Meetecho: fixing that
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10:48:31 AM joel jaeggli: dino - what mac address do they resolve
10:48:51 AM joel jaeggli: chairle no engineering arp sponging right
10:49:26 AM Meetecho: in the meantime (restarting streamer) the mp3
is live
10:50:28 AM joel jaeggli: related wg topics
10:50:38 AM Meetecho: audio back
10:50:43 AM joel jaeggli: intarea mboned 6man pim
10:53:37 AM joel jaeggli: dino - did IEEE consider running a solution
three decade old protocol between bsses and stations
10:54:07 AM joel jaeggli: dorothy stanley - directed multicast
cahnges but the ap and the station
10:54:41 AM joel jaeggli: in vendor specific implementions the
is on the ap only
10:55:15 AM joel jaeggli: dms provides a facility for the station to
request this
10:56:15 AM joel jaeggli: the discuss yesterday was very productive
a number of additions will ensue
10:56:35 AM joel jaeggli: neighbor discovery extensions may require
10:57:08 AM joel jaeggli: dino - to make the arp proxy stuff work the
sending station should unicast it
10:57:45 AM joel jaeggli: dorothy - traffic on a dot.11 system is
multicast from the station not the client.
10:57:58 AM joel jaeggli: greg- handing over to pim