Minutes for MBONED at IETF-96

Meeting Minutes MBONE Deployment (mboned) WG
Title Minutes for MBONED at IETF-96
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Last updated 2016-07-25

Meeting Minutes

   IETF 96 Berlin
Mon, Jul 18, 2016
Charlottenburg I (Held jointly with PIM WG)

Note taker: Hooman Bidgoli

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1.       Mtrace v2 draft 13

a.       ready for last call

2.       tim chown, mboned-multicast-models

a.       RP create a lot of issue over internet and multi operator.  For BCP
more operational content .

b.      micheal brian: a paragraph or 2 on common use cases of multicast.

c.       steven, discover or auto configuration don't use SSM. Need to say in
what context we need to use SSM.

d.      start with common use case and recommendation of the protocol for the

3.        piercy tarapore, use of multicast Across Inter-Domain Peering Points

a.       descripted use case for ATT grab an example and explain why we need to
use SSM

b.      ICE: internet multicast will not fly because of state

c.       Brian: how do you charge for multicast through internet. Don't think
multicast in internet is a go.

d.       IP has improved on-demand but major events need multicast like
superball world cup

e.       DT: need for multicast service are still there

f.         ATT:  people at concert use of eMBMS, what is the eMBMS relation
with multicast

g.        CDM, no multicast over internet, for major event issue for 4K are
bandwidth and latency.

h.       Concerns with multicast for security over internet. Over NAT, firewall